International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition
„HEMUS 2020”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
30 September - 3 October 2020


New virtual services for our physical exhibitors and potential remote visitors now available.

It’s a pleasure to inform all ‘Hemus 2020’ participants that now we offer new services.

COVID-19 has changed the way we have had to think about almost everything this year and physical events all over the world have been cancelled as a result.

To ensure that Hemus 2020 is the usual success we have come to expect, the organisers of the event have implemented partnerships with market leaders in online events & video conferencing. This service is free of charge and is limited to physical exhibitors at Hemus 2020 only and is designed to reach a greater online audience of buyers. Also, it provides an alternative way to visit the exhibition for those with difficulty travelling under the current circumstances.

Especially, for our physical exhibitors the Service includes:

- 30 min presentation slot (5 min set-up and 25 min live) at the "Virtual Stand - Broadcast to the World" in Pavilion 7 inside Hemus 2020 area;

- Handheld camera/audio rig for exploring/mounting on vehicles, outdoor demos, etc. to be sent anywhere at short notice;

- The presenter can choose the level of privacy - Public, invite-only, etc. 

To apply for this Service and to present online your products and services worldwide during ‘Hemus 2020’ please fill in the Application Form for Exhibitor Online Presentation here 

To visit ‘Hemus 2020’ and its accompanying events remotely as "Virtual Visitors" and also to meet online our physical exhibitors please fill in the Application Form for Online Visitor here 

For further details and guidance please contact:
Simon Feek, Operations Director, PrepYou.Eu
Tel.: +44 756 220 6673
A new media partnership gives new opportunities to our exhibitors for product positioning.

An Agreement for media partnership had been signed recently with PrepYou.Eu Media Services. The Company works with media production houses across Europe & the Middle East looking for technical consultancy and more for a variety of productions for major corporate clients to well-known streaming platforms. More recently, PrepYou.Eu has begun to advise both Corporates & Government clients on methods of secure conferencing for traditional physical events forced on line as a result of COVID-19 in partnership with market leaders in video conferencing equipment & software.

For more details visit PrepYou.Eu site at:

The Agreement in particular envisages providing our physical exhibitors with the possibility to present online their products and services worldwide during ‘Hemus 2020’.

It also gives our potential worldwide visitors the possibility to get familiar with what happens during ‘Hemus 2020’ and its accompanying events online in real time and also to meet our remote visitors with our physical exhibitors.

More details on these services will follow very soon on our site.
A new event on the Hemus 2020 calendar is attracting a lot of interest.

The Hemus-95 Foundation and the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria are jointly organizing a discussion dedicated to "Future of Defence: NATO Technological Innovation for Guarding Peace and Security".

The Event aims to discuss the Alliance's technological future and cooperation between NATO member states in the field of new technologies, information and communication security, as well as the main security challenges in the digital world, and will take place on the ‘Day Zero’ - 29 September at the Press Club Hall, International Fair Plovdiv. 

The Bulgarian Chief of Defence, Admiral Emil Eftimov will be the Keynote Speaker. Representatives of Bulgarian institutions, technology companies and companies from the Defence Industry have been especially invited to participate.

For more details and to register for participation see HERE

Bulgarian and foreign companies continue to apply for the Live Firings on 2-nd October during ‘Hemus 2020’.

The following Bulgarian and foreign companies will demonstrate the maneuverability and firepower of their products. From Bulgaria will participate METALIKA AB Ltd. (Modernized Infantry Fighting Vehicle BMP2M, Modernized Armoured Personnel Carrier MTLB, Modernized MRLS BM-21 and Mountain portable MRLS "Grad-M"), AHELOJ OPM OOD (120 mm. Mortar Bomb HCMM-120 and 120 mm. Mortar Bomb with volume blast VDMM-120), VMZ EAD (Grenades WB-7V, TB-7M, KO-7M, OG-7LR, HG-32Т, 122 mm and 152 mm Rounds and BULSPIKE-AP), ARCUS JSC (40x53mm HE grenades for automatic grenade launcher MK-19;  30mm HE grenade for automatic grenade launcher AGS-17; 23x153mm HEIT round for anti aircraft ZU-23-2), ARSENAL 2000 JSC (Assault Rifle AR-M5F41 and Machine Gun MG-M2), DUNARIT JSC and the CENTRAL ARTILLERY TECHNICAL TESTING RANGE.

Traditionally, foreign companies will be presented at the Live Firings as well. In this year’s edition Microflown AVISA from The Netherlands will demonstrate their Acoustic Vector Sensor System, so called AMMS (Acoustic Multi Mission Sensor) System to detect and localize small arms fire (SAF) and rockets, artillery and mortars (RAM). Sensors are deployed in the field, when shots or shells are fired the system detects these and localizes the exact impact. This will be shown in а software, at а safe distance. Communication is via 4G and/or radio.

The companies, participating in the Firings also have the opportunity to invite their guests.

Applications for participation in the Live Firings still come and the information will be updated in due time.

For more details -
The 10-th International Scientific Conference attracts growing interest and participation.

The 10-th International Scientific Conference titled “Research and investment in technology innovation - a crucial factor for defence and security” will be held on October 1-st.

The main topics will be Defense and Security Research and Innovation and Investing in Technology Innovation with emphasis on the promotion of defence research, as well as the areas of armaments, combat systems and technologies, communication systems, cybersecurity and social and economic aspects of defence.

The conference well be attended by about 80-90 delegates and guests from EU and other countries. Representatives of the world's leading manufacturers of defense equipment and academia are also expected. At the moment, 25 papers have been submitted for participation during the conference, and another 10 to be displayed on posters.

Their participation in presenting plenary reports has been confirmed by the Commandant of “G. S. Rakovski” National Defence College Major General Dr. Grudi Angelov, the head of VVVU “Georgi Benkovski”-Dolna Mitropolia, Brigadier General eng. Yuliyan Radoiski, the head of NMU “Vasil Levski”- Veliko Tarnovo Colonel Ivan Malamov. Plenary reports prioritize the military education system.
Hemus 2020 from 30-th September to 3-rd October the course of preparation update.

Dear ‘Hemus 2020’ current and new participants,
Dear ‘Hemus 2020’ fellows,

We are proud to announce that ‘Hemus 2020’ preparation is on full speed and despite the heavy pandemic situation worldwide we enjoy significant growth of participation from exhibitors, visitors and VIP delegations invited by the Bulgarian Minister of Defence compared to the previous edition in 2018.

Also, this is to inform all of you that after a peak of new COVID19 cases in Bulgaria in mid July – mid August and due to the proper measures taken by the respective Bulgarian authorities now we enjoy a considerable decrease in new cases and for the last three weeks the number of positive PCR tests stays stable below 3% of all tests taken while at the same time the number of all tests taken increases significantly.

This lead to decisions of our national authorities in favour of our participants and the Exhibition as a whole. For example, our participants from the EU may enter Bulgaria freely while those coming from other countries are just to have a valid negative PCR test taken 72 hours before their entry into Bulgaria. All foreign state and governmental officials also enjoy a free access into Bulgaria.

In a word we would like to iterate, less than three weeks before the Opening ceremony, our full commitment to make ‘Hemus 2020’ a success.

Therefore, we would like to remind our valuable exhibitors for the limited time left to finalise all the procedures for their successful participation. For example, boot design and construction requirements, transportation arrangements, obtaining approval for temporary import and re-export of dual-use articles if they need such and so on.

Additionally, for this Edition and in order to ease and facilitate our participants especially on their way back home after the Exhibition we will issue to all of those who will need an official Letter of Dispensation (for quarantine) stating that they had taken part in an Event related to the Collective and National Security, Industrial Cooperation and Еeconomic stability organized under the auspices of the Bulgarian Ministries of Defence and Economy. Of course, the text of the Letter could be amended in order to meet anyone’s specific needs and also could be issued on demand before departure for the Event.

София 1092, ул. „Дякон Игнатий” 3; тел.:029 885 885; 0292 20 953; 0292 20 955;
факс: 02 987 32 28;
1 September 2020

Accreditation of journalists who will cover the 14th specialized international defence equipment exhibition "Hemus - 2020". 
Bulgaria will host the 14th specialized international defence equipment exhibition "Hemus 2020 - Defence, Counterterrorism and Security", which will be held in the period 30 September - 3 October 2020 at the International Fair in the town of Plovdiv.
The international exhibition "Hemus - 2020" is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria, and is organized by "Hemus-95" Foundation.
This year, the exhibition will be accompanied by an international scientific conference, a session of the Industrial Forum, as well as by live fire demonstration at the Central Artillery Technical Test Range "Zmeyovo".
Dear colleagues,
The official opening of the 14th International Defence Equipment Exhibition "Hemus - 2020" will take place on 30 September 2020 at the International Fair in the town of Plovdiv. Traditionally, before the ceremony a joint press conference of the organizers of the exhibition will be held at which you will have the opportunity to obtain detailed information on the participants and the accompanying events.
The Press Center of the Ministry of Defence will organize the admission of media representatives to cover the official opening of the International Exhibition "Hemus - 2020" and the accompanying events. For this purpose, it is necessary for the permanently accredited journalists to confirm their participation by providing not later than 9 September 2020 to e-mail: the following information: first name, second name, surname, Personal Identification Number, the number of the personal identity card, the name of the media,  the position in the respective media, contact phone, e-mail address, journalist card number.
The contact telephone at the Press Center of the Ministry of Defence is: 02/92 20 954.           
Life Firings and Demonstrations attract increasing interest and participation.

By middle of August 9 companies, exhibitors at “Hemus 2020”, declared their intentions to take part in the Life Firings and Demonstrations at Central Artillery Test Range “Zmejovo” – one of supporting events of the Exhibition. Information about the products that would be demonstrated will be published at the Exhibition website.
Number of applications for participation in “Hemus 2020” increases.

With the approach of the Opening day of XI-th International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition - “Hemus 2020” The Organizing Committee of the Event would like to inform all interested in taking part in the Exhibition that the interest in participation increases and application for participation as an exhibitor is still possible.

The preparation for the conduct of "Hemus 2020" is advancing on full speed and the Organizers of the Exhibitions and their partners form the International Fair Plovdiv (IFP), with the significant support of the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Economy, are strongly committed to carry out the Event as it is planned (from 30 September to 3 October).

We are happy to inform our fellows that by today we have exhibitors from 16 countries, including Bulgaria. Most of the exhibitors are representatives of the National and International Defence Industry, but we have also representatives from the Scientific Institutions, Bulgarian Military and Technical Universities, NGOs, MoD, MoI etc. We have received confirmation for participation of official delegations from 11 countries, some of which are going to be led by the respective Ministers of Defence. We receive increasing number of inquiries for participation and responses for visits from the invited countries.

The preparation of the supporting events - International Scientific Conference, Industrial Forum, Life Firings and Demonstrations and Static Display are also advancing very well. For the first time we would be glad to welcome troops from the Armed Forces of a Partner country to display their equipment together with Bulgarian military.

In order to ensure safety condition during the Event for all attendees, the organizers are preparing and offering increased medical and hygienic measures and services by the implementation of all anti COVID-19 requirements of the Ministry of Health, instruction for which will be published on the Exhibition website very soon.
“Hemus 2020” Organizing Committee Statement

Subject: COVID-19 Security Protocol and Rules to be implemented prior to and during the Exhibition and its Accompanying Events.

In March and April 2020 due to the COVID-19 situation in Bulgaria the National Authorities declared “State of Emergency” and in order to reduce the negative consequences of the disease imposed number of restrictive measure such as: social meetings ban, wearing of personal protective materials, closing of cultural events in theaters, cinemas, galleries ets., closing of public and touristic places, introduction of “home office” practices in the government and business domain, restrictions on business and touristic travels, closing of the national borders, imposing of quarantine etc. Among all these measures was also the decision of the Government to postpone the 14-th Jubilee Edition - “Hemus 2020” form the end of May to 30-th September – 3-rd October 2020.

Due to the measures taken nationally and Europe wide the COVID-19 situation had improved significantly in May and June which allowed the national authorities to start easing the restrictions on a ‘case by case’ and a ‘step by step’ basis and in accordance with the current developments. More details and daily updates about the COVID-19 situation in Bulgaria could be found at:

In particular, a Minister’s of Healthcare Order allows conducting of exhibitions after 30th May 2020, observing and implementing security measures during the Event if necessary, in order to protect all exhibition stakeholders.

Following the above, “Hemus 2020” Organizing Committee together with the Management of the International Fair Plovdiv, member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, envisage and will implement the COVID-19 Security Protocol, recommended by the Association, pro rata with the current situation and the National Government directions.

The Protocol includes five groups of Rules to be implemented prior to and during the Exhibition and its Accompanying Events.

For more details visit
The new period “Hemus 2020” will be held is 30 September – 3 October 2020.

On its meeting The Organizing Committee of the XIV-th International Dfenece Equipment and Services Exhibition “Hemus 2020” took a decision the Exhibition to be held in the period 30 September – 3 October 2020, in accordance with the decision of the Council of Мinisters of Republic of Bulgaria taken the previous week.
The Council of ministers of Republic of Bulgaria takes a decision to postpone the International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition “Hemus 2020” for late September - early October 2020.

The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria, at its meeting on April 15, 2020, adopted a decision to postpone the International Exhibition of Defence Equipment and Services “Hemus 2020”, in connection with the declared by the National Assembly State of Emergency due to COVID – 19.

In view of the normal course of organizational action, it is stated that ‘Hemus 2020’ should be held within the planned duration in the months of September and October 2020. The choice of the specific period shall be entrusted to the Organizing Committee responsible for organizing and conducting the exhibition.

The specific dates for Hemus 2020 will be published on the exhibition website in the next few days.
Media Partnership Agreement with Aerospace & Defence Review Magazine has been signed.

Aerospace and Defence Review Magazine became a Media Partner of “Hemus 2020” after a Partnership Agreement between the Magazine and the organizers of the Event has been signed.

Aerospace Defense Review is the only print magazine read by over 45,000 qualified readers in the U.S. that include Corporate Management executives, senior executives from Design/R&D, Scientists, engineers, system integrators, program managers, procurement division executives, and other senior-level technology decision-makers. Following a peer-to-peer learning pattern, the magazine has been a reference point to industry insiders to learn about the new technology trends and share with the community on how they are leveraging technology to accomplish various programs.
Memorandum for Cooperation and Partnership between „The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria“  and ‘Hemus – 95’ Foundation signed.

The Memorandum was signed on 29.11.2019, by The Founding President of ACB, The Honourable Dr. Solomon Passy and ‘Hemus-95’ Foundation Governing Board Chairman, Rear Admiral (Ret) Nikolay Nikolov, Ph.D. The document provides for the joint efforts of the two organizations for cooperation and partnership to realize Euro-Atlantic values ​​in the interest of national, regional and global security through interaction with governmental institutions, industry, other non-governmental organizations and academia, to represent the leading international experience and solutions in security policy, defence and security, information technology and cyber security, as well as providing opportunities to promote Bulgarian participation in international relations, based on the central role of the Euro-Atlantic community in meeting the international challenges of the 21st century, as well as for establishing and developing partnerships of the Bulgarian defence industry with leading global companies. The cooperation is envisaged to take place in the fields of global, Euro-Atlantic and national security, industrial cooperation and interaction with the public administration, scientific and academic environment through mutual exchange of information, experience, ideas and data related to the subject of the Memorandum, by exchange and implementing best international practices by jointly organizing and participating in information campaigns, seminars, roundtables, conferences and exhibitions and other forums and through joint meetings and initiatives with the respective institutions and departments. 

Ever since its inception 29 years ago, the mission of The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria has been to strengthen the unity, security and defence capacities of the West as a natural habitat of Bulgaria. The ACB as a future- and youth-oriented organization has been focused on upgrading Bulgaria, NATO and the EU, to meet and forecast the existing and unexpected regional and global challenges and threats, including those generated by the progress in technologies. Recognizing the critical importance of the trans-Atlantic bond for Europe’s security, the ACB has always served the role of a Bulgaria—US friendship think-tank and advocacy cluster. The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria emerged in August 1990, following the parliamentary speech of MP Dr. Solomon Passy, which triggered the discussions of Bulgaria’s and New Europe’s accession to NATO and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. The ACB remained the first and only NGO in the Warsaw Pact aiming to openly bring about its disbanding. In 1992, the ACB joined the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) as its first member from a non-NATO country. As a European advocacy think-tank, the ACB has hosted hundreds of Heads of States, governments and international organizations in public events, including NATO, SHAPE, the UN, EU, OSCE and UNESCO, as well as Nobel Prize winners and world opinion leaders. From 1994 – 2002, the ACB was the driving force behind the historic visit to Bulgaria of Pope John Paul II, and in 1991 – of the XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet.

More information could be found on the website of „The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria“ at
GDELS goes Bulgaria.

General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS), the European branch of the International Giant in the production of Defence Equipment – GD, with the support of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria (ACB), presented on 28 November 2019 at a special Event its proposal for industrial cooperation with respect to the realization of Bulgarian Ministry of Defence project for acquisition of Core Combat Equipment for the Bulgarian Land Forces. The cooperation guidelines were outlined by Mr. Marc-Aurel Bischoff, GDELS Director EU Policy and Industrial Affairs and Mr. Kenan Kurtovic, GDELS Senior Manager Industrial Development. Part of GDELS proposal includes: training of Bulgarian experts, so that they could be able to not only assemble military equipment components, but also to participate in their production; transfer of technology to Bulgarian Defence Industry for manufacturing the most sophisticated military equipment, and inclusion of Bulgarian Defence Industry in the logistic chain of GD; adaptation/tailoring of the proposed defence equipment to the requirements of the Bulgarian Armed Forces; long term, sustainable cooperation with the national educational and scientific institutions and local industry. Mr. Bischoff underlined that GDELS comes to Bulgaria with the intention to remain in our country.


Within the framework of the Event business meeting between Bulgarian and International companies that took part in the Event were conducted, as well as in-depth panel discussion, dedicated on the cooperation between industry and education and the exchange of international experience and good practices with respect to similar projects took part. The Event was welcomed by the Honourable Dr. Solomon Passy, President of ACB and addressed by Ambassadors of Switzerland and Spain to Bulgaria, Deputy-ministers of the Ministry of education and science, representatives of the Bulgarian Academy of Science, Foreign and Bulgarian companies.


On 25 November 2019 was held the Annual Conference of AFCEA Sofia Chapter “Tech Net Sofia 2019” under the headline „Industry and Hi Tech for Defense and National Security”.

The Event was held under the Patronage of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense H.E. Krassimir Karakatchanov. The participants were addressed by Deputy Ministers of Defence, Economy and Transport, IT and Communications and Defence Staff Director. Number of National Institutions and companies presented their products, solutions and developments relevant to the topic of the Conference, which provoked high interest and in-depth discussions among the participants.


The Chairman of the “Hemus – 95” Foundation presented the goals, the structure and the organization of the XIV Bulgarian International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition - “Hemus 2020” at the AFSEA Sofia Chapter Annual Conference. Within the framework of the Program of the Conference was officially announced the signing of the Memorandum for Cooperation and Partnership between “АFСЕА Sofia Chapter“ and “Hemus – 95” Foundation. The Chairmen of the both organizations – Mr. Konstantin Zografov and RADM (Ret.) Nikolay Nikolov emphasized the big importance of the agreement for achieving the aims and the goals of the organizations focused on the development of the National Defence Industry and strengthening of the National Security.


„Industry and HiTech for Defense and National Security”. 

Under the Patronage of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense H.E. Krassimir Karakatchanov and participation of NATO NCI, MoD, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Economy. 

Central Military Club, Sofia, 25th – 26th November 2019.

AFCEA “Sofia”Chapter, during its quarter of century of existence number of times has initiated discussion about Army and Security Institutions Modernization during chapter events. Now they once again put them forward, encouraged from positive developments.

Conference goals:
  • To hear an analysis of the state and Governmental Institutions policy regarding HiTech and industrial solutions for Defense and National security;
  • To clarify how the Defense industry and Industrial partnership in the National security sector will develop;
  • Society to be informed what will be the policy and practical measure in the field of Cyber resilience;
  • Bulgarian and International companies to be able to present their HiTech solutions and technologies for Defense and Security.
The wide range of proposed issues and the ability to present HiTech and innovative solutions from industry and research institutions in the interest of Defense and National security will enable you to actively participate in tracing the main priorities of the Government and Ministry of Defense in the forthcoming Defense Review and defining the leading projects and programs for the period 2020-2022.
In a real dialogue with the heads and experts of the National security agencies, you will be able to find out what are the key issues and directions for achieving higher results, capabilities and compatibility with NATO and EU systems. 

Partners: MoD, MI, ME, SAEG, SAI, SCIS. 


25 November 2019 (Monday):
  • Welcome – Honorable President of AFCEA Sofia Chapter;
  • GREETING ADDRESSES FROM: Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Interior, State Commission on Information Security, State Agency for Electronic Governance.
SESSION 1. „HiTech and Industrial solutions for Defense”.
  • Presentation GENERAL DYNAMICS – Conference Platinum Partner;
SESSION 2. „Defense industry development and Industrial partnership in the field of National security“
26 November 2019 (Tuesday):

SESSION 3. „HiTech solutions and information technologies for Cyber security”.

For more details visit:
Memorandum for Cooperation and Partnership between „АFСЕА Sofia Chapter“ and ‘Hemus – 95’ Foundation signed.

The Memorandum was signed on 04.10 2019 by the AFSEA Sofia Chapter President, Regional Vice-President for South East European Region and AFCEA International Board of Directors Member, Mr. Konstantin Zografov and the ‘Hemus-95’ Foundation Governing Board Chairman, Rear Admiral (Ret) Nikolay Nikolov, Ph.D. The document provides for the joint efforts of the two organizations for cooperation and partnership aiming strengthening of national, regional and global security through interaction with state institutions, industry and academia, as well as presenting the leading international experience and solutions in the domains of defence and security, information technology and cyber security and also ensuring opportunities for establishing and developing partnerships between Bulgarian Defence Industry enterprises and leading global companies.

It is envisaged that cooperation will take place in the fields of defence and information technologies, security, counter-terrorism and asymmetric threats through exchange of information, knowledge, experience, ideas and data related to the subject of the Memorandum; through the exchange and implementation of good international practices; by jointly organizing and participating in information campaigns, seminars, roundtables, conferences and exhibitions; through joint meetings and initiatives with responsible institutions and agencies , as well as through other forms.

The Bulgarian AFCEA Sofia Chapter is established at a General Meeting in May 1993 and has received the AFCEA International Certificate in June 1993 and the Court Registration by Sofia City Court in February 1994. By the Article of Association the Chapter is managed by an Executive Board. The Goal of AFCEA is to provide and environment for exchange of ideas and information on modern armament, equipment, electronics, information and communication technologies and to create conditions for their development and successful implementation in the interest of the National security and other spheres of the social life in regional and worldwide frames.

More information can be found on the website of the AFSEA Sofia Chapter at
The first General Sponsor of “Hemus 2020” is already a fact. All following General sponsors, Sponsors of the Exhibition and its supporting events are welcome.

The Organizing Committee of the 14-th edition of the International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition – “Hemus 2020” has the pleasure to announce that “Apolo Engineering” Ltd. is the first General sponsor of the jubilee edition.

“Apolo Engineering” Ltd. is one of the leading Bulgarian companies, offering products and services in the area of defence and security.

The company is well-known and accepted by hundreds of countries, located on several continents, thanks to its correctness and business activities compliant to the UN Security Council resolutions, as well as the high quality and reliability of its products and services covering international standards requirement.

More information about the company can be found on the company’s website -

The “Hemus 2020” team remind that there are not restrictions with respect to “General sponsor” and “Exhibition sponsor” packages, as well as regarding the sponsorship packages for the “Hemus 2020” supporting events. We encourage all companies and organizations willing to take advantage of the offered by the organizers broad possibilities for products positioning and advertising to do so in due time. Detailed information about the offered packages can be found on the Exhibition website, following the link -
Bulgarian-Austrian industrial day, Security sector.

Bulgarian-Austrian industrial day, with the participation of companies from the Security sector of both countries, was held on 25 and 26 September.

The Event was initiated by the Embassy of the Republic of Austria to Bulgaria and was supported by the Ministry of defence and Ministry of economy of Bulgaria.

The aim of the forum was to present the potential and the capabilities of the Austrian and Bulgarian companies from the Security sector and to create conditions for establishing contacts and future partnership and cooperation between the companies on projects of mutual interest.

The Event was opened by the Deputy-minister of defence, Мr. Anatolij Velichkov. The Austrian National Armament Director, the Director of Austrian Industrial Cooperation & Aviation Technology organization, representatives from the embassy of the Republic of Austria to Bulgaria and eleven Austrian companies took part in the forum. Representatives of the Ministry of defence, the Ministry of economy and more than 35 companies and organizations participated from Bulgarian side.

At the end of the forum the Commercial Counselor of the Austrian embassy, Mrs. Ulrike Straka, summoned Austrian companies to participate in “Hemus 2020”, as a logical extension of the carried out industrial day.
Media Partner of “Hemus 2020” offers additional opportunities for advertising and business contacts.

The group of Media Partners of ‘‘Hemus 2020” has enlarged by another member, ARMSCOM OU.

ARMSCOM is an international b2b media platform for Aerospace and Defense Industry. Its database contains more than 4000 companies acting in 3400 defense sectors. You may visit the platform at:

As a Partner of “Hemus 2020”, ARMSCOM offers to Hemus’ exhibitors, visitors and sponsors a Promotional Advertising Package, which provides excellent opportunities for business contacts and advertising.

The Package includes:
- company profile listing;
- products profiles listed on front page;
- news and press-releases;
- banners (300x250 pixels, 728x90 pixels);
- video (up to 100 MB, mp4) on front page;
- 12 email blasts (11500+ professional addresses).

Duration of the placement of the Package - from order till the event‘s end, but not less than 6 months.

For more details for advertising please follow the link -

For more details for busines meetings please follow the link -
For the first time Start-up companies could participate in “Hemus”.

For the first time at “Hemus 2020” participation of Start-up companies it envisaged.

Those of them willing to present their innovative products, developments and ideas, which may be used for the purposes of defence and national security, will receive this opportunity on a symbolic price.

For this purpose, the candidates must meet the criteria defined by the Organizing committee of “Hemus 2020” and to send a request for participation.  

More information could be found here  or at “Hemus 2020” website.
The official delegations to be invited at “Hemus 2020” are already known.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Defence, under the auspices of which the IDEE “Hemus” is held, has designated the official delegations to be invited at “Hemus 2020”.

On behalf of the Minister of Defence invitations are to be sent to Ministers of Defence of 68 countries from Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa as well as to the European Defence Agency and four NATO Agencies, while the National Armaments Director is to send invitations to his counterparts from 32 partner countries.

More information could be found here, or at “Hemus 2020” website.
The subject of the International Scientific Conference, accompanying “Hemus 2020”, has been defined.

The subject of the X International Scientific Conference, to be held within the framework of “Hemus 2020” has been defined. It is “Research and investment in technology innovation - a crucial factor for defence and security”.
Two more traditional partners joined the Media partners group of “Hemus 2020”.

The organizers of “Hemus 2020” signed agreements for cooperation, regarding the media coverage of the Event with another two media of its traditional partners - MSI Turkish Defence Review и  Bulgarian Military Industry Review.

- Bulgarian Military Industry Review is an online media for news, analyses, and comments on the Bulgarian and international defence industry, and the Bulgarian and international military situation. The focus of the site content is directed to informing the society about the latest news, technologies, and hot topics not only from the world of the Bulgarian and international defence, but also from the Bulgarian military industry. The media was established in September 2016, initially as a project, providing information – news, important events, professional information etc. in English language for the Bulgarian defence industry. Today the project is bilingual – in Bulgarian and English languages and issues its own printed magazine, distributed also abroad. The main advantage of the media is the large size of the content with reliably quoted sources of the published information, which is to be specific and clear for the readers. The main goal of the media team is to present the news such as they are, and not to debate on them.

- MSI Turkish Defence Review is a monthly publication, both Turkish and English version, focusing on defense and aerospace industry. Our first issue was published in November 2004, i.e. more than ten years ago. Since then, MSI Turkish Defence Review has published over 100 monthly and many Special Issues. Acting with the motto of “great minds think together”, MSI Defense Review has always been proud to be published on time and containing accurate, timely and reliable news.
Leading Spanish companies from the Defence Sector seek partnership with Bulgarian partners.

Twelve of the biggest Spanish manufactures of defence products and technologies took part in a Bulgarian-Spanish business forum.  The purpose of the forum was to present the potential and the capabilities of the Bulgarian Defence Sector as well as to identify the possible domains for future cooperation and partnership between Spanish and Bulgarian companies in the context of ongoing European initiatives in the defence area such as The Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) in the area of security and defence and The European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP).

The event was open by the Deputy minister of economy, Mrs. Lilia Ivanova. the National Armament Directors of Bulgarian MoD, gen. Krasimir Kanev, and of Spanish MoD, admiral Santiago Gonzales, as well as representatives of more than twenty five Bulgarian companies participated in the forum.

The programme of the event envisaged short presentation of the capabilities of the Bulgarian and Spanish companies, participating in the forum, and B2B meetings on topics of mutual interest.

“Hemus – 95” Foundation – organizer of the XIV-th International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition – “Hemus 2020” also took part in forum with a short presentation, offering another good opportunity for strengthening the business cooperation between Bulgarian and Spanish Defence Sectors.
Another traditional partner has joined the Media Partners group of „Hemus 2020“.

Mönch Publishing Group, a partner of the International Defence Equipment Exhibition – Hemus for decades has joint the Media Partners group of the XIVth edition of the Exhibition – “Hemus 2020”.

Mönch Publishing Group was founded in 1956 on the request of the German Ministry of Defence and comprises numerous successful defence publications (magazines, reference publications and books) and maintains a highly focused online presence. Today, Mönch magazines cover the World. The major focus of these publications is defence and security technology, providing platforms that bring suppliers and procurers together peerlessly and professionally.

Next to the numerous successful defence publications (magazines, reference publications and books) Mönch also comprises Mönch Online News Channel (MONCh) at, bringing to the demanding reader original news coverage and exclusive multimedia content, alongside with a Premium Channel for expert analysis and developments.

Mönch meets and exceeds the demanding defence information requirements of decision-makers within the armed forces, governments, military armaments and acquisition authorities, and the global defence industry.

Mönch sets a high standard for quality and success: "Required reading for Defence Professionals."

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The media coverage and promotion of “Hemus 2020” is carried out by traditional media partners.

The organizers of the XIV-th Jubilee issue of the International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition “Hemus 2020” have the pleasure to work again with traditional media partners, the group of which consists at the moment of:

- “My Dear Drone” - a highly professional  web site and blog,  providing unbiased, vital information about drones such as reviews, articles, video, guide, technical help in one place but presented in a structured way so you will able to find the right information efficiently and will able to understand it.

- “Turkish Defence Industry (TDI) News”- an online media publishing news, information, and opinions, related to the Turkish Defence Industry and the Defence Sector of Turkey. TDI News Group, international military and defence expert group, is created as a unique social network of the Media, giving opportunities of the experts to share their questions, stories, ideas, and opinions on the issues of the defence sector. We invite all guests and visitors, experts from the Industry, Scientific Organizations,  National institutions, as well as our participants in „Hemus 2020”, with interest in the defence sector to join TDI News Group via:

- “European Security and Defence” - мagazine for global decision makers in politics and armed forces. European Security & Defence (ESD) addresses focal aspects of European security and defence policy, force development and armament for an international audience in more than 100 countries. High-level authors from politics, armed forces, public administration and science cover topics from  Security policy, International armed forces, Armament and procurement, Weapon systems and equipment, International defence technology, Research and technology domains.

- „Аir Group 2000“ OOD -  Bulgarian Publishing House, publishing magazines on military, navy and aviation themes.

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The first exhibitor at ‘Hemus 2020’ is already known.

The Bulgarian holding Arsenal 2000 JSCo. is the first producer of defense products and services to participate in Hemus 2020. The early registration of the company allows it to take advantage of all the discounts and preferences stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions for participation in the Exhibition.

Arsenal 2000 JSCo. is a holding structure of several companies and is officially licensed by the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria for supply in military equipment. The company is specialized in supply and investment in defence-related products and dual use goods.

Areas of activity:
  • investment in defence manufacturing and software;
  • import, export and re-export of defense related products;
  • transfer of technologies, know- how and supplemental services.

The company supplies:
  • small arms and artillery systems;
  • ammunition and components;
  • pyrotechnic military products;
  • civil production – tooling, hunting and sport weapons and ammunition.

As they define: ‘Our mission is to be a market leader in the industry segments, striving to meet the increasing and diversified demands of our customers. Our focus is to establish lasting business relationships with our clients.’

Traditionally Arsenal 2000 JSCo. participates in all major exhibition events and trade fairs worldwide, promoting product durability and reliability within the security and defense international market concept.

For more information visit company’s site at: .

Congratulations, welcome and success to Hemus 2020!
‘Hemus 2020’ website and Linked In profile appear with new vision, design and functionality.

The new development, including its mobile version, allows for quick and easy navigation, as well as rich information for exhibitors and visitors. Among the new features are the sub-menus "Why Hemus 2020", "Request a Meeting", "Early Registration and Discounts", "Hemus 2018 Post-event Overview", "Business Meetings", "Types of Visitors" and others.

As usual, the published information is updated in time, for which the participants in the exhibition are informed immediately.

Welcome and enjoy surfing our site at: !

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Possibilities for positioning, advertising and promotion at ‘Hemus 2020’.

Along with the traditionally offered sponsorship packages, for the silver jubilee edition of the exhibition in 2020, we also offer two new ones – ‘Industrial Forum’ Sponsorship Package and the ‘Demonstration Firings’ Sponsorship Package.

And as usual, you can advertise your products and services in the exhibition catalogue, through video or print advertising in and outside the exhibition halls.

For more information see here.
The scope of ‘Hemus 2020’ Domains and Subject Sections has been updated and expanded.

The Domains and Subject Sections of the exhibition are fully updated and broadened. They are two new sections added - "JOINT CAPABILITIES, COMBAT SUPPORT AND LOGISTIC" and "TRAINING, EDUCATION, INNOVATIONS AND SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY". In the ‘SECURITY AND ANTITERRORISM’ section new areas have been added in the fields of Cyber Security, Border Security, Strategic Communications, Social networks Information monitoring and Analysis, Artificial Intellect, Data protection, Biometrics identification and Data management, Critical Infrastructure, Compensation of Climate change, Crisis Management and Disaster Response, Unmanned Autonomous Systems and many others.

For more information see here
Contracts and cooperation agreements with the key partners for ‘Hemus 2020’ signed.

As a result of negotiations and mutual agreement achieved between the Hemus-95 Foundation and its main partners: International Fair Plovdiv JSC and Bulgarian Defense Industry Association, the respective contracts and cooperation agreements on the preparation and conduction of ‘Hemus 2020’ have been signed.
The Organizing Committee on the preparation and conducting of the IDEE HEMUS decided to hold the XIV-th edition of the exhibition, ‘Hemus 2020’ from 27 to 30 May 2020 at the International Fair Plovdiv.

In respect of the high achievements and the goals accomplished by ‘Hemus 2018’, the Committee decided to hold the next, fourteenth edition of the exhibition. In its decision the Committee formulates main parameters of the event and assigns responsibilities to number of bodies in the preparation process.

The motto of the exhibition remains "Defence, Antiterrorism and Security", but the subject sections are to be updated, focusing on Cyber Security, Border Security, Strategic Communications and Unmanned and Autonomous Systems.

Traditionally, ‘Hemus 2020’ will be organized and conducted under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Economics. The main accompanying events are defined as:

- X-th International Scientific Conference;

- Industrial Forum;

- Live Demonstrations and Test Firings at ‘Zmejovo’ Central Artillery Technical Test Range;

- Static Display and Capabilities Demonstration of the Bulgarian Armed Forces and other governmental bodies with responsibilities in the field of the national security.

The "Hemus-95" Foundation is set for immediate organizer of the XIV-th edition of IDEE "Hemus 2020" with key partners - the International Fair Plovdiv - JSC and the Bulgarian Defence Industry Association. The Foundation is entrusted with the negotiations with the main partners, resulting in signing of the respective contracts and cooperation agreements.

A number of structures from the Ministry of Defence have also been assigned functions and responsibilities for the preparation of ‘Hemus 2020’ and all accompanying events.
The final post-event overview of IDEE ‘Hemus 2018’ and its accompanying events confirms in numbers its outright success.

        The final IDEE ‘Hemus 2018’ post-event overview including the independent survey on satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors are now available. The paper confirms in numbers the outright success of the exhibition’s thirteenth edition.

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IDEE ‘Hemus 2018’ marks the most significant growth for the past 10 years.

       From May 30 to June 2, 2018, the thirteenth edition of the International Exhibition of Defense Products and Services "Hemus 2018" took place at the International Fair Plovdiv. In this year’s edition additional accent was put on the areas of cyber and border security, strategic communications and autonomous and unmanned systems.

    A total of 69 companies and organizations were represented, of which 48 Bulgarian and 21 foreign. Seventeen (17) countries participated in the event. For the first time, two organizations from the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior participated as exhibitors. The Bulgarian academia has expanded its participation, with 10 scientific and higher education units presenting their educational products, services and innovative scientific developments in the field of security and defence. The trade parameters of the exhibition recorded its most significant growth for the past 10 years.

      The number of visitors surpassed 2800 people and showed a high national and international growth of interest in the exhibition, also the most significant for the past 10 years. In a national context, the exposition was visited by leaders and high-ranking representatives of the Bulgarian state institutions, incl. the Chief of Defence, the Commands of the Services, generals, admirals, soldiers and citizens.

        The exhibition provoked an extremely high international interest. The exposition was visited by leaders and senior representatives of European and Euro-Atlantic institutions, 12 foreign delegations and visitors from many other countries.

          An independent sociological survey has confirmed the high satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors. Thus, ‘Hemus 2018’ has become a successful platform for coordination and partnership between the Bulgarian state institutions, Bulgarian Defence Industry, the Armed Forces and the academic community and has established itself as an emblem of the synergy of efforts in the interests of national security and industrial development. 

         Expanded international participation and the strong international, European and Euro-Atlantic interest in the exhibition have made it a high international forum for the realization of interests, both in the business-business’ domain and in the "state-state" and "business-state" areas.

        Exposure in practice covers the full cycle of development of a defensive product or service - innovation, deployment, production, commercialization, acquisition and lifecycle support.

         Two key messages characterize the completed Hemus 2018:
"An event where the West and the East match interests“
„А platform on which the European Union meets its partners“

       Expect a detailed post-event overview of ‘Hemus 2018’ and its accompanying events to be published within days on our site.