International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition „HEMUS 2024”
Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 05 - 08 June 2024


‘Hemus 2024’ YouTube Channel is updated.

Dear Hemus 2024 fellows, current and future participants,

This is to inform you that recently we have uploaded new content. Now, additionally to our site you may enjoy trailers and full videos of ‘Hemus 2022’ Exhibition and the accompanying Live Firings. Follow the links below and HAVE FUN!

Hemus 2022 In Brief:

Hemus 2022 Overview:

Hemus 2022 Live Firings Trailer:

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For further guidance how to apply please contact:

Ms. Yana Mincheva, Commercial Division, International Fair – Plovdiv.
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Mr. Hristo Parushev, Manager, “Hemus Consult” Ltd.
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‘Hemus 2024’ is attracting a growing interest for participation.

After the first exhibitors applied for participation in Hemus 2024 at the middle of March this year, the Exhibition continues to attract growing international interest.

The Hemus 2024 team reminds its traditional and new exhibitors of the discounts provided for early registration, as well as for renting a larger exhibition area:

  • for early bird registration for participation and payment of at least 50% of the area rent fee and of the fees for all requested services on or before 22.12.2023, EXHIBITORS shall be granted discount amounting 5% of all moneys paid to the exception of the registration fee;
  • an EXHIBITOR who orders both indoor and outdoor exhibition areas shall be granted 80% discount of the rental fee for the outdoor exhibition area provided it is at least double the size of the rented indoor area;
  • an EXHIBITOR who orders outdoor exhibition area between 21 and 100 square meters shall be granted 25% discount of the rental fee for outdoor areas;
  • an EXHIBITOR who orders more than 100 square meters outdoor exhibition area shall be granted 30% discount of the rental fee for outdoor areas.
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For further guidance please contact:

Ms. Yana Mincheva, Commercial Division, International Fair – Plovdiv.
Tel: +359 32 902494, E-mail:

Mr. Hristo Parushev, Manager, ‘Hemus Consult’ Ltd.
Tel:  +359 876676033, E-mail:
Possibilities for positioning, advertising and promotion at ‘Hemus 2024’.

For the Sixteenth edition of the exhibition in 2024, we offer a number of new sponsorship packages – ‘’Platinum Sponsor’’, "Golden Sponsor", ‘Silver Sponsor’ as well as the traditional sponsorship packages "International Scientific Conference", "Industrial Forum" and "Live Firings".

And as usual, you can advertise your products and services in the exhibition catalog, through video electronic or print advertising in the exhibition halls and outside.

Following the proven success of the offered virtual services during the previous edition in 2022, we will provide this opportunity again to our physical exhibitors and potential online visitors at Hemus 2024.

For more information see here
‘Hemus 2024’ website, Linked In profile and You Tube Channel appear with new vision, design and functionality.

 The new development, including its mobile version, allows for quick and easy navigation, as well as rich information for exhibitors and visitors. Among the updated features are the sub-menus "Why Hemus 2024", "Request a Meeting", "Early Registration and Discounts", "Hemus 2022 Post-event Overview", "Business Meetings", "Types of Visitors" and others.

As usual, the published information is updated in time, for which the participants in the exhibition are informed immediately.

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The group of Hemus 2024 media partners is growing.

The organizers of the International Exhibition for Defense Products and Services - Hemus 2024 received support for the promotion of the events related to the organization and conduct of the exhibition from Unmanned Systems, which increased the group of Hemus 2024 media partners by another member.

Unmanned Systems (UST) is an electronic platform dedicated to technology and innovation in unmanned systems. The media's website, weekly e-newsletter and social media profiles provide up-to-date information about technological developments in this sector, both military and commercial, to a global audience, with over 80,000 visitors from over 200 countries every month. The published comprehensive suppliers profiles showcase the vast variety of products, services and capabilities in the unmanned land, sea and air vehicle industry.

For more information about Unmanned Systems, please follow the link -


Dear HEMUS IDEE fellows, current and future participants,

As we announced late last year the 16th edition of the International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition - ‘HEMUS’ will be held from 5-th to 8-th June 2024 at the International Fair Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In 2024 we celebrate 29 years of growing experience and traditionally offer unique opportunities. The forthcoming Defence Expo is again under the auspices of the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence and Ministry for Economics. Importantly, since 2020 the Exhibition confirmed itself as most reliable partner in a crisis and in the most uncertain of times. The previous edition – ‘HEMUS 2022’ was held in complex geopolitical and economic conditions and demonstrated to be resistant to crises with a proven ability to be held in conditions of severe ant epidemic restrictions and economic difficulties assuring not only attractive but also save place and conditions for exhibitors and visitors. Our strong promise in to keep the Event: ‘TRADITION, outstanding PERFORMANCE, crisis RESILIENCE’.


We would like to remind that since we proceed our customers’ applications on the ‘first come first served’ basis, the most attractive positions in and outdoors are sold and occupied very fast.

For more information visit:

For further guidance please contact:

Ms. Yana Mincheva, Commercial Division, International Fair – Plovdiv.
Tel: +359 32 902494, E-mail:

Mr. Hristo Parushev, Manager, “Hemus Consult” Ltd.
Tel: +359 876676033, E-mail:
The Organizing Committee for the preparation of the International Defense Equipment and Services Exhibition - "Hemus" has decided to hold the XVI-th consecutive edition of the exhibition.

We inform our current and future exhibitors, guests and visitors that the XVI-th consecutive edition of the International Defense Equipment and Services Exhibition - "HEMUS", "Hemus 2024" will be held in the period from 5 to 8 June 2024 in the International fair Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In 2024, after more than 29 years of growing experience, during which the main characteristics of the exhibition such as TRADITION, growing SUCCESS and RESILIENCE to crises were strengthened, we will once again offer unique opportunities to create new contacts, strengthen relations between business partners, governmental and non-governmental organizations, presenting innovative solutions for products and services in the field of defense and security, sharing knowledge and experience, concluding commercial agreements, etc.

It is important to note that the successfully held two editions of the exhibition after 2020 in conditions of crises of a different nature, give us the confidence that "Hemus 2024" will achieve its goals for the development of the defense industry, the security sector and the Armed Forces of Bulgaria, being a reliable partner of state institutions, Bulgarian and international companies from the defense industry, foreign guests and diplomatic representatives, scientific institutions and the academic community.

As an EU and NATO member state, we offer an equal conditions for the presentation of new and innovative defense and security products and services and would like to encourage participation of exhibitors and visitors from both EU and non-EU member states and from different continents.

The upcoming edition will again be held under the auspices and with the active support of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Economy of Bulgaria.

The motto of the exhibition remains "Defence, Antiterrorism and Security", however the subject sections are updated, focusing on Cyber Security, Border Security, Strategic Communications, Artificial Intelligence, Unmanned Autonomous Systems, Crisis Management, Disaster Response and Civil Protection. R&D, Testing and Evaluation, S&T and Education are included as subject domains as well.

The main accompanying events are defined as:

- XII-th International Scientific Conference;

- Industrial Forum;

- Live Firings at “Zmejovo” Central Artillery Technical Test Range;

- Live Demonstrations and Static Display of Capabilities of the Bulgarian and Allied Armed Forces and other governmental bodies with responsibilities in the field of the national security as well.

The "Hemus-95" Foundation is set for immediate organizer of the XVI-th edition of IDEE "Hemus 2024" with key partners - the International Fair Plovdiv - JSC and the Bulgarian Defence Industry Association.

A number of structures from the Ministry of Defence have also been assigned functions and responsibilities for the preparation of “Hemus 2024” and all accompanying events.
The final Post-event Overview of IDEE ‘Hemus 2022’ and its accompanying events confirms in numbers its outright success and growth despite the complex geopolitical and economic situation worldwide.


The final IDEE ‘Hemus 2022’ Post-event Overview including the independent survey on satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors is now available. The paper confirms in numbers the outright success of the Fifteenth Edition carried out in heavy geopolitical conditions and economic difficulties around the globe.
Despite those obstacles, the results achieved at ‘Hemus 2022’ mark a significant growth compared to all previous editions.

Therefore, we once again and proudly confirm the main essential characteristics of "Hemus", namely:


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IDEE ‘Hemus 2022’ again achieves consistent growth in complicated and difficult conditions

The fifteenth edition of the International Defense Products and Services Exhibition "Hemus 2022" took place from 1 to 4 June 2022 at the International Fair Plovdiv. The event was held in complex geopolitical and economic conditions. Significant efforts have been made by the organizers to provide not only attractive but also safe place and conditions for exhibitors and visitors.

Despite the uncertain geopolitical and economic situation worldwide, Hemus 2022 has achieved significant growth in all trade parameters compared to the previous edition of the exhibition in 2020. In particular, Hemus 2022 has expanded the covered and especially open exhibition space to accommodate increased number of exhibitors. A significant number of new exhibitors from new countries for Hemus have successfully participated in this edition. Among our esteemed exhibitors, to whom we offered a host, was again a Contingent of the US Army, which participated in the Static Display together with Bulgarian military formations. This contingent was part of the NATO Multinational Battalion Battle Group formed on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The number of visitors exceeded 3,000 and showed increased national and international interest in the exhibition. We are extremely pleased to note that the number of new visitors from new countries is also growing.

In a national context, the exhibition was attended by leaders and high-ranking representatives of Bulgarian national institutions, including the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, ministers, the Chief of Defense, Commanders of the Armed Forces, generals, admirals, servicepersons and citizens.

Hemus 2022 has also aroused extremely high international interest. The number of official delegations invited by the Minister of Defense of Bulgaria increased again, and their composition included ministers, deputy ministers, national directors of armaments, high-ranking military officials. In addition, the exhibition was attended by many ambassadors, defense attachés and trade attachés from diplomatic missions accredited in Sofia and other foreign visitors from about 50 countries in Europe, North and South America, Africa , Asia and Australia.

As usual, Hemus 2022 also offered a number of accompanying events, such as the International Scientific Conference, the Industrial Forum, the Dynamic and Static Display of Arms and Equipment, Live Firings and business meetings.  

For the first time, this year's edition offered two more accompanying events - the first European Security and Defense Research and Innovation Symposium (RISE-SD) and the first International competition DefInSpace (DIS) Bulgaria-2022 Hackathon for innovations focused on the application of space technology in the field of defense and security.

The results of the independent sociological survey conducted during Hemus 2022 confirmed the high appreciation and satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors with the high standards achieved and the growing trust in the Exhibition, as well as the rational benefits of it.

Thus, Hemus 2022 reaffirmed the trend of not only growing success over the years, but also established itself as one of the most reliable partners of national and international institutions, the armed forces, the defense industry and academia.

Therefore, we again and proudly reaffirm the essential characteristics of ‘Hemus’, namely:


Expect a detailed review of the results of the exhibition "Hemus 2022" and the accompanying events, which will be published on our website.