International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition
„HEMUS 2020”, 27.05.2020 - 30.05.2020, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

International conference

Traditionally a highlight of the exhibition programme is the International Scientific Conference, organized by the Defence Institute “Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov”. In 2020 the 10th edition of the conference will take place. 

The previous edition, the 9-th International Scientific Conference on "Research, Innovation and Industrial Cooperation in the Interest of the Common European Defence and Security" took place on 31-st of May 2018. The main thematic areas covered the role and functions of the European Defence Fund, the priorities for the acquisition of capabilities in the European Union, the promotion of Defence Research, the implementation of the Preparatory action for Research in Defence and also areas covering arms, combat systems and technologies, communication systems and cyber security, social and economic aspects of defence.

More than 280 delegates and guests from European Union countries, from Israel, Albania, Ghana, Algeria and others, as well as a number of representatives of world leading defence equipment manufacturers and academics, took part in the conference. По време на конференцията бяха изнесени 29During the conference, 29 reports were announced, while another 23 were on posters.

The subject of the X International Scientific Conference, to be held within the framework of “Hemus 2020” has been defined. It is “Research and investment in technology innovation - a crucial factor for defence and security”.