International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition „HEMUS 2024”
Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 05 - 08 June 2024

Live Firings

The Live Firings at the Central Artillery Technical Test Range "Zmeyovo" (CATIP) of the Ministry of Defense traditionally accompany the International Exhibition of Defense Products and Services - "Hemus" and provide excellent opportunities for live presentation of the mobility, functionality and firepower of the offered defense products.

The range is certified to carry out range and laboratory tests of small arms, artillery, tank, aviation, anti-aircraft and naval weapons, portable anti-tank and anti-aircraft guided complexes, their ammunition and their components and engineering ammunition in service with the Bulgarian Army, as well as of those produced by the country's defense industry, as well as newly developed samples of armaments and ammunition by military-scientific and civilian organizations.

The event arouses wide interest among the high-ranking guests of the exhibition, visitors and exhibitors from the country and abroad. These opportunities will again be made available to exhibitors and visitors during the sixteenth edition of the exhibition - Hemus 2024.