International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition „HEMUS 2022”
Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 01 - 04 June 2022

Live Demonstrations and Static Display

The opening of the exhibition was accompanied by the tradition of dynamic display, which was restored in 2020. A Mi-17 helicopter with the Bulgarian tricolor and two MiG-29 aircraft from the Bulgarian Air Force took part in the show. Apart from the strong emotional impact, the event was also a message about the operational capabilities of the Bulgarian Air Force in the national and coalition sense.

The exhibits in the static display of armaments and equipment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Ministry of Interior and the European Command of the United States Armed Forces were exhibited in 10 centers:

- Armored vehicles;

- Armament optical instruments and special equipment;

- Individual and ballistic protection;

- Special equipment and laboratory equipment;

- Modeling and simulation systems;

- Air Force field communication system and aviation equipment;

- MP specialized vehicles;

- Military hospital Specialized Medical Vehicle;

- Center for Equipment of the Ministry of Interior, where a specialized minibus to combat IWU, armored off-road vehicle, small arms and special weapons and ammunition, communications and medical equipment were presented. For its part, the General Directorate for Emergency Situations presented an emergency rescue vehicle with a crane device and emergency rescue equipment.

- Center for military equipment of the European Command of the US Armed Forces, which presented three infantry fighting armored vehicles - Stryker infantry carrier vehicle - M1126 Stryker ICV, Stryker infantry carrier vehicle XM1296 Dragoon and Defense - Joint Light Tactical Vehicle General Purpose - JLTV -GP, as well as a small reconnaissance UAV USAeroVironment - RQ-11 Raven.

 The participation of the American contingent of NATO Multinational Battle Group and the visit of the exhibition of servicemen of the Royal Irish Regiment to the 16th Airborne Brigade of the United Kingdom Air Force - part of the same battle group clearly demonstrates the country's and NATO allies determination to share responsibility for ensuring the security of member countries and to make a significant contribution to strengthening the deterrent defense capabilities of NATO's Eastern Flank.

In addition to the above, the participation of the US Armed Forces in the Static Display of Hemus 2022 sent a strong message about the allied and bilateral strategic partnership between the two countries.

The interest in all centers was high. One of the roles of this show, namely to promote military service, can be assessed as fulfilled. It should also be noted that this part of the exhibition attracted the youngest part of the Bulgarian visitors - those of school age and slightly older. This fact speaks of another added value of the exhibition, namely the patriotic education and military training of the younger generation.