International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition „HEMUS 2022”
Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 01 - 04 June 2022




„An Event where the West and the East match interests“

„А Platform on which the European Union meets its partners“

The biennial specialized International Defence Equipment Exhibition “HEMUS” was established in 1995 with a decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria to be held at the International Fair Plovdiv venue.

The Exhibition is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria.

“HEMUS-95” Foundation, the Principal of which is the Ministry of Defence, has undertaken the financing of the Exhibition and the immediate arrangements.

Over the course of its over 25 year existence, the Exhibition has pursued and achieved its main goal - to give an impetus to the development of the Defence Industry, providing the manufacturers and business people a focal point to showcase armaments and combat equipment along with the whole spectrum of defence assets. The Forum creates opportunities for the establishment of joint-venture enterprises, maintenance and repair activities and joint innovative Research & Development projects in the area of defence and security.

Since 2011, the concept of the Exhibition has been expanded and enriched to involve three more perspectives: Defence, Antiterrorism and Security. Special role has been assigned to innovations and research and development promoted by scientific conferences, demonstrations and test firings, presentations of academia and higher educational institutions, etc.

The Fourteenth Jubilee edition of the International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition "Hemus 2020" took place from 30-th September to 3-rd October 2020 at the International Fair Plovdiv. The Event was one of the few worldwide carried out physically in heavy pandemic restrictions and economic difficulties. Enormous efforts were put by the Organizers to comply with all crisis requirements and to assure not only attractive bit also save place and conditions for exhibitors and visitors.

Despite the complex epidemic and economic situation around the world ‘Hemus 2020’ marked significant growth in all trade parameters compared to the previous edition in 2018. Notably, ‘Hemus 2020’ occupied one more additional pavilion to accommodate the increased number of its exhibitors. On an exhibition area of a total of 3319 sq.m., of which 2003 sq.m. indoor and 1316 sq.m. outdoor 95 companies and organizations were presented, of which 68 Bulgarian and 27 foreign from 17 countries.  The Bulgarian Academia showed much higher interest compared to previous years, as the exhibition was attended by 12 Scientific bodies and Universities, of which 6 military and 6 civilian. Among our distinguished exhibitors we hosted US Army’s contingent which took part in the Static Display together with the Bulgarian military units as well as US Air Forces’ fighters which participated together with helicopters from the Bulgarian Air Force in the Live Demonstrations.

Overall, despite the complex economic and epidemic situation in the world, the commercial parameters achieved at "Hemus 2020" exceeded by 10% to 50% those of the previous edition.

This Edition aroused widespread interest and visits by a number of representatives of the Bulgarian state institutions, Official delegations and guests of the Minister of Defence, many Ambassadors, Defence and Trade attachés from diplomatic missions accredited in Sofia, representatives of the Bulgarian and foreign business and last but not least by many Bulgarian citizens.

The exhibition was also visited by 15 foreign delegations, guests of the Minister of Defence from Algeria, Brazil, Greece, Egypt, RN Macedonia, Moldova, Iraq, Spain, Cameroon, Qatar, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Finland, France at minister/deputy minister of defence and NAD level, as well as visitors from about 50 countries in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

 The total number of visitors of ‘Hemus 2020’ and its accompanying events surpassed 3,000 people, which represents a significant increase compared to the previous edition in 2018. 

The exhibition and the accompanying events were covered by representatives of over 36 Bulgarian and foreign media.

The exposition in practice continues to cover the full cycle of the development of a defiance product or service – education and training, innovation, R&D, production, commercialization, acquisition, lifecycle support and utilization.

Expanded international participation and the strong international, European and Euro-Atlantic interest in the exhibition have turned it into a high international forum for the realization of interests, in the domains "business to business", "state to state" and "business to state".

The exhibition was opened by the President of the Republic of Bulgaria and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Rumen Radev. The Deputy Prime Minister for Public Order and Security and Minister of Defence, Krassimir Karakachanov, and the Minister of Economy Lachezar Borisov addressed the exhibitors and visitors as well.

Immediately after the opening and for the first time since 2016, the Bulgarian Air Force and the United States Air Force held a joint Live Demonstrations, which restored the tradition of this accompanying the exhibition event.

 ‘Hemus 2020’ has reaffirmed itself as an extremely successful platform for business meetings. Thanks to the mechanism developed by the Organizers, more than 40 business meetings of various types were announced, organized and held.

Regarding the g2b format, the most significant was the joint meeting of President Radev, Deputy Prime Minister Karakachanov, Minister of Economy Borisov, Chief of Defence Admiral Eftimov and Deputy Minister of Economy Yanev with the heads of over 20 companies from the Bulgarian defence industry.

Traditionally the Exhibition was accompanied by conduction of Live Demonstrations and Static display of armament and equipment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Interior, Live Firings, International Scientific Conference and Industrial forum.

For the first time since in the history of the Exhibition in the Live Demonstration and Static Display participated two F-16 aircraft from the US Air Force and armaments and military personnel from and the European Command of the United States Armed Forces.

Participation in the Live Firings took seven companies and organizations that have demonstrated 24 kinds of new defence products. For consecutive time the Live Firings were broadcast on live on the Exhibition site, but also for the first time it was done on the Information stands’ monitors of in both pavilions.

In the Tenth International Scientific Conference "Research and Investment in Technological Innovation - a decisive factor for defence and security" attended by over 100 delegates and guests from the country and abroad. For the first time this year, the participation in the International Scientific Conference was held not only in physically, but also remotely.

On the day before the Official opening of ‘Hemus 2020’, the ‘Hemus-95’ Foundation together with the Atlantic Club in Bulgaria organized another new event accompanying the exhibition - a discussion on "The Future of Defence: Technological Innovation in NATO".

Drawing on the accumulated experience and long tradition, relying on established contacts and business relationships with our partners from the EU, NATO and worldwide, recognizing mutual benefits, we look ahead with optimism to the next International Defence Equipment Exhibition “HEMUS 2022”.