International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition „HEMUS 2024”
Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 05 - 08 June 2024

Domains and Subject sections

91.1. Infantry Armaments and Ammunition
91.2. Artillery Systems and Ammunition
91.3. Multiple-Lunched Rocket Systems and Ammunition
91.4. Anti-Tank Grenade Launchers and Ammunition
91.5. Guided Anti-Tank Weapons
91.6. Portable Anti-Aircraft Missile Weapons
91.7. „Surface-to-Surface“ Missile Systems
91.8. Gunpowder, Explosive Substances and Pyrotechnical Substances
91.9. Radar Equipment
91.10. Tanks
91.11. Armoured Personnel Carriers and Infantry Fighting Vehicles
91.12. Military Automobile Equipment
91.14. Means and Systems for Land Mining and for Demining
91.15. Engineering Machines and Devices
91.16. Fortification Equipment
91.17. Camouflage Equipment
91.18. Systems and Means for Radiation and Chemical Monitoring
91.19. Means of Individual and Collective Chemical and Radiation Protection
91.20. Ignitable Substances
91.21. Automatic Command and Control Systems for the Armed Forces and for Weapons Control
91.22. Optic, Optic-Electronic and Thermovision Equipment and Systems
91.23. Combat Identification Devices (CID)
91.24. Personal Ballistic Protection Devices and Bulletproof housing solutions
91.25. “Surface -to-Air” Missile Systems
91.26. Solutions and Equipment for Location and Disposal of Explosive Ordinance (EOD) and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)
92.1. Fighter Aircrafts and Combat Helicopters
92.1.1. Auxiliary Aircraft and Helicopters
92.2. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems
92.3. Aviation Armament and Ammunition
92.4. Airborne Communication Equipment
92.5. Airborne Radar Equipment and Systems
92.6. Aircraft Engines
92.7. Electric and Special Equipment for Aircraft
92.8. Airborne Systems for Intelligence and Electronic Warfare
92.9. Aircraft Maintenance Equipment
92.10. Paratrooper and Landing Equipment
92.11. Systems and Means for Support of the Flight Activity
93. NAVY
93.1. Combat and Auxiliary Ships
93.2. Technical Means for Rescue Operations of the Navy
93.3. Technical Means for Measuring and Compensation of Ship Physical Fields
93.4. Armament and Weapons of the Navy
93.5. Hydro-Acoustic Equipment
93.6. Means for Navigation and Hydrographic Support of the Navy
93.7. Technical Means for Support of Submarines, Submarine-Assault and Diving Activity
93.8. Maritime Security and Force Protection Systems and Equipment
93.9. Underwater Systems
93.10. Unmanned Underwater Systems

94.1. Solutions and products for Defence Intelligence
94.2. Solutions and Systems for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Information/Intelligence, Surveillance, Targeting Acquisition and Reconnaissance (C4ISTAR)
94.3. Communication Systems
94.4. Cryptographic equipment
94.5. Radio Stations
94.6. Radio-Relay Systems
94.7. Systems and Equipment for Signal Intelligence
94.8. Electronic Warfare Equipment (EW)
94.9. Optic-Electronic Systems
94.10. Video Systems
94.11. Coding and Decoding Devices
94.12. Personal Means for Communication
94.13. Equipment for Remote Access
94.14. Innovative Solutions for Armament’s and Weaponry’s Combat Resilience and Compatibility
94.15. Simulator and Training Equipment
94.16. Non-Combatant Equipment and Technologies
94.17. Solutions and Systems for Equipment Storage and Maintenance
94.18. Technologies for Repair of Military Equipment, Weaponry and Military - Engineering Equipment
94.19. Solutions and Technologies for Production and Storage of Fuels and Lubricants
94.20. Field Kitchen and Food Processing Equipment
94.21. Technologies for Production of Canned Foods
94.22. Military Clothing
94.23. Equipment and Technologies for Laboratory Analyses
94.24. Military Medical Equipment and Systems
94.25. Fixed and Mobile Hospital Equipment (Role 1, 2 and 3)
94.26. Diagnostic Equipment
94.27. Laboratory Equipment and Systems
94.28. Medicines and Medical Supplies
94.29. Medical Editions
94.30. Medical Transportation Vehicles
94.31. Field (Role 1 and 2) Military Hospitals
94.32. Fire and emergency safety
94.33. Solutions, Systems and Equipment for Search and Rescue and MEDIEVAC Operations
97.1. Anti-Terrorism Special Equipment and Weapons
97.2. Anti-Terrorism Special Transport Vehicles
97.3. Data Management and Protection Systems
97.4. Products and Solutions for Social Media Monitoring and Data Analysis
97.5. Solutions, Systems and Equipment for Cyber Security
97.6. Innovative Solutions
for Strategic Communications
97.7. Innovative Solutions, Products and Services related the Artificial Intellect
97.8. Unmanned Autonomous Systems for Surveillance, Intelligence Gathering, Counter Intelligence and Counteraction
97.9. Border Security Systems and Equipment incl. Autonomous
97.10. Systems and Equipment for Identification and Biometric Management
97.11. Physical Security Systems
97.12. Technical Protection Systems
97.13. Control and Surveillance Equipment
97.14. Special Equipment, Education, Training
97.15. Solutions, Systems and Equipment for Critical Infrastructure Protection including Autonomous
97.16. Innovative Systems and Products for compensation the Climate Change Impacts
97.17. Systems and Solutions for Crisis Management and Disaster Response incl. Autonomous
97.18. Solutions and Equipment for Civil Protection
64.1. Research and development
64.2. Research and innovations
64.3. Training and education, educational institutions
64.4. Testing and Evaluation
64.5. Scientific Developments for Strategic Communications 

98.1. Associations, organizations, foundations and institutions
98.2. Fairs, exhibitions, congresses
98.5. Banks, banking and insurance
98.6. Publishing, printed and online editions
98.7. Advertising services
98.8. Commercial activity, incl. e-commerce
98.15. Expert reports and control, certification
98.16. Marketing and consulting
98.17. Patents, licences, know-how

99.         OTHERS

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