International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition „HEMUS 2024”
Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 05 - 08 June 2024

General Terms and Conditions for Participation

These GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR PARTICIPATION in the Sixteenth edition of the International Defense Equipment and Services Exhibition „HEMUS 2024“ shall govern the contractual relations between the ORGANIZER and the EXHIBITORS while and in regard to the provision of exhibition areas, construction of stands and bungalows, and the provision of any other services within the framework of „HEMUS 2024“. The General Terms and Conditions shall be deemed acknowledged and approved by the Exhibitors upon signing Form 1 Application for Participation. Any derogation from the General Terms and Conditions has to be agreed upon by and between the ORGANIZER and the EXHIBITOR in writing.


1.            The sixteenth International Defense Equipment and Services Exhibition „HEMUS 2024“ shall be organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Economy and managed by the Organizing Committee.

2.            ORGANIZER of the EXHIBITION is HEMUS-95 FOUNDATION, Plovdiv, with registered office at 116, Hristo Botev Blvd, office 6, 4000 Plovdiv, CIN 825351545, represented by Rear Admiral (Ret.) Nikolay Ivanov Nikolov, PhD, in his capacity of Chairman of the Governing Board.

phone: + 359 (0)32 620 300




3.            MAIN PARTNERS are: International Fair Plovdiv AD and Bulgarian Defense Industry Association.

4.            „HEMUS 2024“ is thematically oriented to “Defense, Counterterrorism and Security” with special focus on fields of cybersecurity, border security, strategic communications, autonomous surveillance systems, information and response, artificial intelligence, social media monitoring and analysis of the information contained therein, identification and management of biometric data, combating natural disasters and accidents and protecting the civilian population, as well as educational products in the subject field.

5.            Event date and venue.

The sixteenth International Defense Equipment and Services Exhibition „HEMUS 2024“ will be held from June 5 to 8 of the year 2024 on the ground of International Fair Plovdiv AD, Plovdiv.

In case of force majeure or other unforeseen or unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances of extraordinary nature, or upon order of the competent state authorities or for security reasons, the ORGANIZER may change the dates, duration and working hours without liability for damages resulting from such changes.

Exhibitors shall be notified of such changes either through ORGANIZER’s website: or by e-mail to the address that each exhibitor has specified in its application for participation. In case the exhibition is postponed, the dates, duration or working time are changed, or the exhibition is cancelled pursuant to the second paragraph of item 5, the EXHIBITOR shall not be entitled to any compensation and all applications submitted as well as all amounts paid prior to such changes shall be deemed submitted or paid for the new dates of the exhibition.

Should the exhibition be interrupted after the official opening for reasons beyond ORGANIZER’s control and/or for the reasons referred to in the second paragraph of item 5 above, and/or due to compelling need to close or evacuate the exhibition area or part thereof either temporarily or for a longer period, the EXHIBITOR may neither cancel their participation, nor claim compensation or reimbursement of any paid amounts.


1.            Right to participate in the EXHIBITION shall be granted to all and any Bulgarian and foreign persons (individuals and legal entities) involved in the manufacture or trade activities in compliance to the main subject and the thematic fields, as well as to non-profit organisations that have applied for and received confirmation of participation or have signed a special contract for participation with the ORGANIZER.

2.            Persons with registered offices in embargoed countries designated by the UN, the European Union or the authorities of Republic of Bulgaria may be allowed to participate or granted access to the EXHIBITION subject to a decision depending on the reasons for embargo and at ORGANIZER’s discretion.

3.            Exhibitors and sub-exhibitors.

3.1. An EXHIBITOR is a person entitled to participate in the EXHIBITION and to rent exhibition area and/or purchase services according to these General Terms and Conditions. The EXHIBITOR shall pay a registration fee and may invite a SUB-EXHIBITOR to share the rented exhibition area provided that the EXHIBITOR remains the main person liable jointly with their SUB-EXHIBITOR to pay all amounts due and payable for the whole rented area and the relevant ordered services. The relations between the EXHIBITOR and a SUB-EXHIBITOR may not be opposed to the ORGANIZER and used as an excuse to not pay. It is EXHIBITOR’s responsibility to meet ORGANIZER’s requirements for the whole rented area jointly with the SUB-EXHIBITOR. The EXHIBITOR may only host a SUBEXHIBITOR after registration of the latter with the ORGANIZER according to these General Terms and Conditions.

3.2. THE SUB-EXHIBITOR shall pay a registration fee and enjoy all the rights resulting from such payment. The SUB-EXHIBITOR shall not have their own stand or area and shall use those provided by the EXHIBITOR but has to comply with all of ORGANIZER’s requirements. SUB-EXHIBITOR’s obligations for rent, construction fee, services, etc. shall be paid to the ORGANIZER by the EXHIBITOR whereas the EXHIBITOR and SUB-EXHIBITOR shall be jointly liable in respect of all payments due to the ORGANIZER.

4.     Visitors.

Only officially invited guests shall be granted access to the EXHIBITION on the first day. Access to the EXHIBITION between the second day and the end of the exhibition shall be granted to all professionals, traders and businessmen with invitations or after online pre-registration. Visitors with entry tickets shall only be admitted the last 2 days.

For security reasons, persons under the age of 16 shall only be admitted accompanied by a person who is at least 18 years old and is responsible for their actions.

The ORGANIZER reserves the right to deny or terminate the access to the EXHIBITION to any person without providing argumentation. This also applies to the periods of installation and dismantling.

5.     Registration and confirmation of participation.

5.1.  To participate in the EXHIBITION, each EXHIBITOR shall sign a contract with the ORGANIZER in respect of:

- The present General Terms and Conditions through a written application form (Form 1), which shall only be considered after payment of the registration fee;

- a special contract.

5.2.  Unless otherwise provided by a special contract, these General Terms and Conditions shall be mandatory for any EXHIBITOR and SUB-EXHIBITOR and shall be deemed acknowledged and approved upon submission of the application form (Form 1).

5.3.  The application for participation (Form 1) must be filled-in and signed by EXHIBITOR’s legal representative or an authorised person. Applications with missing required information or that are not signed shall be considered void.

5.4.  The EXHIBITOR must register the presence of SUB-EXHIBITOR(S) or other companies at their stand by filling-in the Form for Sub-exhibitor (Form 1B).

5.5.  The contract for participation shall be deemed effective upon confirmation of Form 1 by the ORGANIZER; the ORGANIZER or its authorised representative shall then send a set of forms for services, a proforma invoice for the area rental, and a map of exhibition areas. A proforma invoice issued by the ORGANIZER for registration and/or rent fee based on the submitted application for participation shall also be considered a written confirmation.

5.6.  The deadline for submission of applications is Feb. 29, 2024 (recommended).

 5.7.  THE EXHIBITOR may not sublet or otherwise assign all or part of the exhibition area to third parties without the prior written consent of THE ORGANIZER.

6.     Exhibition areas.

6.1.  The ORGANIZER and International Fair Plovdiv AD shall allocate exhibition areas taking into consideration the technical characteristics of the event, the industry sector to which the items listed in the application for participation belong, the size of the requested exhibition area and the order of registration of the exhibitors.

6.2. In certain cases, for the best interest of the EXHIBITION, the ORGANIZER may change the location, type, dimensions and size of the allocated exhibition area even after confirmation of the application and the EXHIBITOR may not cancel their participation nor seek compensation. The ORGANIZER shall allocate exhibition areas and services taking into account as much as possible exhibitors’ requests.

6.3. The ORGANIZER is entitled to:

- change the requested area;

- reject the display of items that do not comply with the approved subject sections;

- deny participation without giving argumentation to the party concerned and without being held liable for damages.


1.     EXHIBITORS shall pay the fees for their participation in the EXHIBITION at the rates specified in the application forms for participation, construction and services, in instalments as here follows:

 -   registration fee: within 3 days following reception of the relevant proforma invoice. In case the registration is not paid, the ORGANIZER may not guarantee booking of the requested area/stand to the EXHIBITOR.

-  area rent fee: within 30 days following reception of the relevant proforma invoice but not later than 30 days prior to the opening of the EXHIBITION.

-   stand/bungalow construction fee and fees for other services: not later than 10 days prior to the opening of the EXHIBITION.

The fees for services ordered additionally during the EXHIBITION shall be payable within 5 days following the date of the relevant proforma invoice.

 2. Without consideration to any advance or partial payments made, in case the whole due amount is not paid within the above terms the ORGANIZER may cancel the contract with the EXHIBITOR and retain all paid amounts as compensation for EXHIBITOR’s failure to implement these General Terms and Conditions. In such cases, the ORGANIZER may rent the same areas to any third party without compensation for the EXHIBITOR.

3.     The EXHIBITOR shall pay all instalments by transfer to ORGANIZER’s accounts specified in the proforma invoices.

4.     The ORGANIZER shall provide all basic and additional services as requested through the applications under these General Terms and Conditions via its subsidiary, HEMUS KONSULT EOOD, Plovdiv, with the explicit consent of the EXHIBITORS given by acknowledging and approving these General Terms and Conditions; therefore, all proforma invoices for such services (registration fee, area/stand rent fee, construction fee, etc.) shall be issued on behalf of ORGANIZER’s subsidiary HEMUS KONSULT EOOD, Plovdiv, and paid by transfer to their bank account. The subsidiary will perform these services in full compliance with this contract.

The ORGANIZER shall cause the bank account holder specified in the proforma invoices (Hemus Konsult EOOD) to issue a final invoice within three days following reception of the relevant amount.

Amounts due for construction fee and project certification in cases under item 5.2: item 5.2.1. and 5.2.2, from section V, will be invoiced and paid directly to International Fair Plovdiv AD to the bank accounts specified in the invoices, according to the terms of the contract for the construction of exhibition structures

5.     Access of Exhibitors to their respective exhibition areas and/or stands/bungalows will only be granted after advance payment. EXHIBITOR’s obligation to pay shall be deemed fulfilled upon reception of any amount due with the bank account specified in item 4 of this Section III.

6.     All bank charges shall be for EXHIBITOR’s account.

7.     Statutory interest shall be charged for each day of delay of payment after the deadlines set in Section III, item 1.

8.     The ORGANIZER will be entitled to hold exhibits or other materials owned by the EXHIBITOR until full payment.

9.     Upon acquittal of all their financial obligations, EXHIBITORS shall be granted a ‘Permit to Leave’ allowing them to leave the exhibition areas.

10.   EXHIBITORS will be granted the following discounts:

- for early bird registration for participation and payment of at least 50% of the area rent fee and of the fees for all requested services on or before 22.12.2023, EXHIBITORS shall be granted discount amounting 5% of all moneys paid to the exception of the registration fee.

-        an EXHIBITOR who orders both indoor and outdoor exhibition areas shall be granted 80% discount of the rental fee for the outdoor exhibition area provided it is at least double the size of the rented indoor area.

-        an EXHIBITOR who orders outdoor exhibition area between 21 and 100 square metres shall be granted 25% discount of the rental fee for outdoor areas.

-        an EXHIBITOR who orders more than 100 square metres outdoor exhibition area shall be granted 30% discount of the rental fee for outdoor areas.

11.   Registration fee.

Upon payment of the registration fee, the EXHIBITOR and their SUB-EXHIBITOR(S) shall be entitled to the following services:

-        Free entry badges for stand staff. Each badge is individual and may not be used by another person;

- 20 invitation cards for visitors to the EXHIBITION that are not valid for the official events organized for EXHIBITORS, and the possibility to pre-register online any visitor that an EXHIBITOR wants to invite to visit their stand;

- Invitation cards to attend the official events organized for exhibitors as follows:

= 2 cards in case the rented exhibition area is up to 50 sqm;

= 4 cards in case the rented exhibition area is between 50 and 100 sqm;

= 6 cards in case the rented exhibition area is between 100 and 200 sqm;

= 8 cards in case the rented exhibition area is more than 200 sqm.

- Publication of information about the EXHIBITOR and SUB-EXHIBITOR in the printed and online catalogue of the exhibition as specified in these General Terms and Conditions. Regardless of the reasons for termination of the contract or reasons to deny participation to an EXHIBITOR, the ORGANIZER shall not refund the registration fee.


1.     Denial of participation or termination of the contract by the ORGANIZER

 1.1.  The ORGANIZER may, at its own discretion, refuse to confirm the application for participation and deny access to the EXHIBITION to an EXHIBITOR without giving any reason and may not be held liable for damages.

1.2.  The ORGANIZER may terminate the contract with an EXHIBITOR with immediate effect after the latter’s Application for Participation in the EXHIBITION has already been confirmed if the ORGANIZER has learned new information or circumstances that if it had known from the beginning, would have served as reason to refuse to confirm the application. In this case, the ORGANIZER terminates the contractual relations with the EXHIBITOR through a written notice, sent to the other party.

1.3.  The ORGANIZER may terminate the contract with an EXHIBITOR in case the EXHIBITOR fails to comply with these General Terms and Conditions.

1.4.  The ORGANIZER may withhold amounts paid, offset or claim amounts due by the date of termination of the contract in case it is terminated by EXHIBITOR’s fault.

2.     Cancellation of participation or termination of the contract by the EXHIBITOR

2.1.  The EXHIBITOR may request termination of the Contract in whole or in part by written request addressed to the ORGANIZER and confirmed by the latter, provided there is sufficient well-grounded reason, for which the EXHIBITOR must provide relevant evidence.

2.2.  Upon such termination of the contract the EXHIBITOR shall pay penalties as follows:

- 20% of the contractual value in the case of termination before 31.01.2024;

- 35% of the contractual value in the case of termination between 01.02.2024 and 01.03.2024;

After 01.03.2024 as well as in case EXHIBITOR’s application for participation (Form 1) has been accepted after the deadline for submission of applications the EXHIBITOR shall pay penalty amounting to 50% of the area rental per the approved application along with all cost incurred for providing exhibition service until the time of termination of the contract.

2.3. The ORGANIZER may also claim compensation for greater damages.


1.     Exhibits.

1.1.  Within the time limit set in Form 2, each EXHIBITOR shall send to the ORGANIZER a list of their exhibits with general technical information as required to obtain permission for participation from the Organizing committee. Failure to meet this requirement may lead to denial of participation in the Exhibition

1.2.  Foreign EXHIBITORS must have a permit to participate in exhibitions or a permit for temporary import of goods issued by the Interministerial Commission for Export Control and Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

1.3.  It is not allowed to bring and display explosives or flammable substances within the EXHIBITION ground.

1.4.  For certain categories of exhibits to be displayed, the EXHIBITOR must declare that they have been deactivated and/or are harmless. Display of radioactive materials that are a threat to human health is forbidden.

1.5.  EXHIBITORS undertake to keep in a safe place small and valuable items that may be damaged or be taken out of the EXHIBITION ground. The ORGANIZER may not be held liable for any loss or damage of such items, as well as of personal effects of the EXHIBITORS or their staff.

1.6.  Exhibits will be transported at the expense of the EXHIBITOR. They may be delivered to the exhibition area not earlier than 3 days prior to the opening of the EXHIBITION, unless there are circumstances that require another term, and be displayed on the rented area in accordance with the special instructions contained in the General Terms and Conditions. In exceptional cases, if it is necessary to deliver the exhibits earlier than 3 days prior to the opening of the exhibition, for the storage and protection of their exhibits, the EXHIBITORS should sign additional contracts with the security company chosen by the ORGANIZER, or another such and International Fair Plovdiv AD.

1.7.  At any time during the exhibition, the ORGANIZER will be entitled to check whether the exhibited products meet the requirements specified in these General Terms and Conditions, as well as the safety requirements in accordance with Bulgarian legislation.

2.     Working hours of the EXHIBITION.

2.1.  After the official opening, the EXHIBITION will be open for professionals with invitations every day from 10:00 to 17:00 and on the last day until 15:00. For EXHIBITORS and the service staff, the EXHIBITION will be open from 9:00 to 18:00.

2.2.  Outsiders will not be allowed to the territory of International Fair Plovdiv AD outside the specified working hours.

3.     Installation  and  dismantling.

3.1.  Installation of stands: between 13 May and 01 June 2024; 24 May is a bank holiday (but a working day for the exhibition);

3.2.  Arrangement of exhibits: 02 - 04 June 2024;

3.3.  Disassembly of stands between 16:00 and 20:00 on 08 June 2024 and between 9 and 18 June 2024;

3.4.  Working hours for installation and dismantling: 08:00 to 17:00. Working hours for arrangement of exhibits: 08:00 to 21:30. As an exception, the ORGANIZER may allow extension of the terms against additional payment according to Form 4.

4.     Area rent.

4.1.  The ORGANIZER shall provide net indoor and/or outdoor area on the ground of International Fair Plovdiv AD. Each portion of a square metre counts as 1 sqm. Within the area provided there may be structural elements of the pavilion that are not counted in the total area.

4.2.  If a stand is built on two levels, the rent price for the second level shall be 60% of the rent price for the first level.

4.3.  The minimum exhibition area that can be rented is:

- for inline stands: 6 sqm;

- for corner stands (two-sides open): 15 sqm

-  for three-sides open stands: 24 sqm;

- for four-sides open stands: 60 sqm

4.4.  The area is rented for a period of 20 calendar days prior to the opening, during the event and 10 days after the closing of the EXHIBITION. The rent price does not cover the building of stands and bungalows, graphic design, staff, materials and other services. Upon EXHIBITOR’s written request, they may be provided with corner (two-sides open) or central (three- or four-sides open) net indoor exhibition area against a surcharge of 15% of the area rent price.

4.5.  All EXHIBITORS who rent indoor exhibition area are required to have a stand built.

4.6.  Outdoor exhibition structures must be built with a depth of at least 3 m and high wind resistance.

4.7.  The removal of exhibits and stand materials from the rented exhibition area may start after 16:00 on the closing day of the EXHIBITION.

5.     Construction.

5.1.  Construction of stands and bungalows by the ORGANIZER

By order of the EXHIBITOR, the ORGANIZER provides the service of building stands and bungalows with modular aluminum and non-standard construction, as well as unique stands and bungalows. Requests are specified using Form 4. Furnishings, support staff, and other services of the requested stands/bungalows may be requested through Furnishing Order - form 5, which is sent simultaneously with Form 4

5.2.  Construction of exhibition stands and bungalows by an EXHIBITOR or contractor.

5.2.1.        Construction fee.

THE EXHIBITOR builds stands and bungalows, either individually or through assignment to another contractor and the relations with INTERNATIONAL FAIR PLOVDIV AD are regulated by a construction contract. In order to cover the total cost of electricity and water, for cleaning the common parts and waste disposal, for using the infrastructure, for overall security and surveillance by the authorized services during the period of assembly and disassembly, the person who builds the stand or the bungalow shall pay a Construction Fee according to Form 4 of the International Fair Plovdiv AD.

5.2.2.        Project approval.

All projects for construction and graphic design of the stands/bungalows shall be submitted for approval to International Fair Plovdiv AD, subject to a Project Approval Fee as per Form 4. The technical and financial requirements for them shall be specified in the contract on construction of exhibition structures.

5.2.3.        THE ORGANIZER is entitled to refuse to sign a Construction Contract with a person, who builds stands, bungalows or provides other services if THE COMPANY or THE EXHIBITOR has outstanding financial obligations to THE ORGANIZER and/or to the International Fair Plovdiv AD or if the projects do not meet the technical requirements and safety conditions.

5.2.4.        The construction, the artistic layout and the arrangement of the exhibition and advertising areas must be completed within the stipulated workhours the day prior to the opening of event.

5.2.5.        It is prohibited to make changes to the walls, the floors, the ceilings and other structural elements of the pavilions and the pavement of the open areas except with the written consent of International Fair Plovdiv AD. All damages resulting from the guilty behavior of THE EXHIBITOR/THE CONTRACTOR shall be removed by it or by International Fair Plovdiv AD at the expense of THE EXHIBITOR/THE CONTRACTOR.

5.2.6.        All power supply from the main switchboards and water supply systems shall be carried out by specialists of International Fair Plovdiv AD and shall be paid for according to Order Form for Electric and Water Connection – Form 10.

5.2.7.        The Organizer together with the International Fair Plovdiv AD has the exclusive right to grant permission for any kind of lawful activity on the territory of the exhibition area after the conclusion of a contract.

6.     SECURITY.

6.1.  THE ORGANIZER shall provide the general security of the EXHIBITION. To ensure access to the territory of International Fair Plovdiv AD and of the EXHIBITION, the EXHIBITOR shall send to THE ORGANIZER a list of the names of its representatives / stand staff through the Application for Badges for Exhibitors (Form 8). The EXHIBITORS and their staff will not be admitted to the exhibition area after the visiting hours as set out in Section V, Item 2. If the exhibits require special security measures, THE EXHIBITOR may hire security staff only through the ORGANIZER.

6.2.  Moving exhibits during the opening hours of the EXHIBITION is prohibited. In case exhibited small arms need to be taken out and back into the pavilion, they must be checked by the Military Police Service MoD. Making films and taking photographs of exhibits and stands without the written consent of the ORGANIZER is prohibited.

6.3.  Vehicles are not allowed to move freely around the ground of International Fair Plovdiv. Parking is allowed only at the designated parking lots with parking passes.

7.     Non-disturbing use

7.1.  The use of rented area should not disturb and interfere with the use of the surrounding stands. When using audio media, the volume must match the overall surrounding sound level and not cause problems to other EXHIBITORS. At any time during the exhibition, THE ORGANIZER may give mandatory instructions to immediately stop using audio without giving reasons and without having to take into consideration the arguments presented by the EXHIBITOR.

7.2.  EXHIBITORS declare that they will not undertake actions that violate decency, constitute unfair competition or violate copyright and related rights.

8.     Fire safety and occupational health and safety requirements.

8.1.  The EXHIBITOR must comply and make sure their staff and/or the staff of third-party service providers comply with the occupational health and safety requirements and fire safety requirements; any negative consequences from failure to comply shall be at their expense. It is exhibitor’s responsibility to have their staff and equipment insured.

8.2.  Exhibits are not allowed to drive around the fair ground outside the limits of EXHIBITOR’s allocated exhibition area for the duration of the event without ORGANISER’s written consent.

8.3.  For fire safety reasons, each EXHIBITOR must impregnate the stand material with flame retardant coating and produce a certificate proving that the materials are impregnated. Otherwise, the ORGANIZER shall perform the impregnation at the expense of the EXHIBITOR. The EXHIBITOR must provide free access to fire taps and hydrants. The electrical wiring of the stand must comply with the fire applicable safety requirements in the Republic of Bulgaria. It is forbidden to store empty packages and flammable materials at / behind the stand.

9.     Personal Data Protection.

9.1.  As data controller, INTERNATIONAL FAIR PLOVDIV AD shall process and store personal data of EXHIBITORS insofar such data is provided by the exhibitors at the time of submission of their application for participation. Individuals’ data that are publicly available as part of a company file, which the exhibitor has made publicly available through the Trade Register kept by the Registry Agency shall be processed by International Fair Plovdiv AD in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Privacy and Data Protection Policy of International Fair Plovdiv AD.

9.2.  Applications for participation in the EXHIBITION only require personal data from EXHIBITORS who are individuals; where the EXHIBITOR is a company, only company data that is publicly available from the REGISTER OF COMPANIES is required.

9.3.  INTERNATIONAL FAIR PLOVDIV AD does not require or collect information containing personal data of individuals employed by the EXHIBITOR or of their clients, suppliers or individuals related in any way to the EXHIBITOR.

9.4.  Information that any EXHIBITOR or VISITOR has in any way provided to the International Fair Plovdiv and which is not required and is not subject to storage and processing shall be destroyed in accordance with the applicable rules for the destruction and deletion of personal data.

9.5.  When conducting marketing research, PLOVDIV INTERNATIONAL FAIR only processes personal data for the purposes of the respective research, and data are collected on the basis of explicit consent upon submission of a confidentiality notice.

9.6 Respondents are asked to fill in a questionnaire after they give their informed consent for participation and data processing.

9.7. All personal data that INTERNATIONAL FAIR PLOVDIV may obtain in connection with exhibitor’s participation to fair event(s) shall be processed in compliance with the applicable legislation only for the specific purposes and on the specified grounds, and they will be transmitted to third parties for processing in order to meet contractual or regulatory obligations, and where the purpose of data collection is direct marketing this shall be done with EXHIBITOR’s explicit consent.

10.   Miscellaneous

10.1.         Each exhibitor acknowledges and accepts that the exhibits and products that they exhibit may be photographed and filmed before and during the EXHIBITION. Photographs and film material may be used to promote the EXHIBITION. In the event that an EXHIBITOR does not want their trademark, logo, sign, etc. to be used by the ORGANIZER in the materials and events announcing and presenting the EXHIBITION, they must state this in writing until the beginning of the day preceding the opening day of the exhibition.

10.2.         Each EXHIBITOR agrees for the data submitted by it, such as name, address and registered office, scope of activity, etc. to be published in the printed and online catalogue of THE EXHIBITION.


1.     Press centre.

The Press Centre of International Fair Plovdiv serves accredited journalists by offering telephone, fax and all that is needed for press conferences, meetings and discussions between journalists and EXHIBITORS.

2.     Demonstrations.

2.1. The ORGANIZER provides opportunities for demonstrations of the exhibits in places designated for that purpose. The exhibitor declares their wish to demonstrate in Form 2B.

2.2. Participation  of an EXHIBITOR in demonstration shootings organized outside the territory of the INTERNATIONAL FAIR PLOVDIV ,ay be organized by sending the Application for participation in demonstration shootings - Form 2A and the Annex thereto.

3. Exhibition catalogue and information system (IS).

The organizer and International Fair Plovdiv AD jointly publish a printed and online catalogue of the exhibitors, publish a list of all participants on their websites and maintain an information system for them. The organizer and International Fair Plovdiv AD are not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided by THE EXHIBITOR. The inclusion in the catalogue and in the IS of the address of the company, phone number, fax number, e-mail, website, up to two branches and text information up to 50 characters is obligatory and free of charge for all EXHIBITORS and SUB-EXHIBITORS, the data being taken from the Application for Participation Form (Form 1 or 1B). In case of necessity for change and/or complementing this data, Form 3 – Catalogue and Information System shall be filled in and sent within the specified term. The printing of the trademark (logo) in the printed and online catalogue, the inclusion of more than 2 branches and text information of over 50 characters in the printed catalogue and in IS will be paid for according to Form 3 and is also requested within the specified term.

4. Presentations, seminars, symposiums.

The ORGANIZER jointly with International Fair Plovdiv AD provide the EXHIBITORS/the VISITORS with halls and technical equipment for rent for holding presentations, seminars, symposiums, business meetings and other accompanying events. For the purpose, the EXHIBITORS/ the VISITORS conclude a contract with the ORGANIZER by filling in an Application Rental Request Form for Halls and Technical Equipment – Form 7 in writing. The requested events are announced on the websites of the ORGANIZER and INTERNATIONAL FAIR PLOVDIV AD.

5. Forwarding services.

5.1. The ORGANIZER jointly with International Fair Plovdiv AD perform the following:

- loading and unloading operations (Form 15);

- settlement of customs formalities;

- transport and storage of wrapping and containers;

- transport and storage of exhibits in a warehouse under customs control.

To request transport services, The Transport Services Order – Form 15 may be used.

5.1. The EXHIBITOR is not allowed to perform separate loading and unloading of exhibits, as well as access, respectively use of own or rented mechanical means (cranes, forklifts, etc.). The costs for these services are calculated and paid at a special tariff, valid for all international events held on the territory of International Fair Plovdiv AD, which is provided (sent) to the EXHIBITOR upon request.

6. Insurance.

The EXHIBITOR bears the risk and responsibility for transport, storage and display of the exhibits and stand material. To guarantee its interests, it must insure its property against any risks during the stay of its property at the EXHIBITION.

 7. Customs formalities.

Customs clearance of temporary import and export can be done by the specialized service at International Fair Plovdiv AD and/or a forwarding company, authorized by INTERNATIONAL FAIR PLOVDIV AD that are guarantors to the Customs. Foreign exhibitors must have a Confirmation of their Application for Participation by the ORGANIZER of the EXHIBITION and a Permit for Temporary Export and Re-import or Temporary Admission and Re-export for participation in trade exhibitions, issued by the Interdepartmental Commission for Export Control and Nonproliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The exportation of exhibits under customs control from the exhibition area is only possible with the permission of the customs authorities. In case of nonobservance of this condition, the EXHIBITORS shall be sanctioned by the Customs with the fines, fees and duties envisaged.


The Bulgarian Substantive Law shall govern the relations between the parties upon the signing of a Contract under these General Terms and Conditions.

All disputes arising between the ORGANIZER and the EXHIBITOR, on the other hand, shall be resolved by negotiation, if necessary, and with the assistance of the FAIR as the MAIN PARTNER.

If no agreement is reached, the dispute shall be referred to the competent Bulgarian court. When distraint of exhibits is necessary, the Bulgarian Civil Procedure Code shall apply.

The ORGANIZER of the exhibition reserves the right to amend or update these General Participation Terms, the forms and rate for which he should publish notification to the exhibitors on the website of the exhibition, reading the amended general participation terms, forms and rates. In case of amendments / updates, they shall remain effective in their latest version. Amendments or updates may not be made later than 20 calendar days prior to the start of the exhibition.

These General Terms and Conditions are printed in Bulgarian and in English language. The version in Bulgarian language shall be accepted in case of disputes.
Download in pdf: GTP_Hemus 2024