International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition „HEMUS 2024”
Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 05 - 08 June 2024

Why to visit "Hemus 2024"

- "HEMUS" demonstrated to be one of the few events in the branch worldwide resistant to crises and with a proven ability to be held in conditions of severe anti-epidemic restrictions and economic difficulties assuring not only attractive but also save place and conditions for exhibitors and visitors;

- “HEMUS 2024” is the exhibition that offers a broad range of products, services and innovative solutions delivered by world famous producers for you as a customer to choose from; 

- “HEMUS 2024” gives you the unique opportunity to see exhibitors’ products in their mobility and functionality and to observe their firepower at the live firings as well;

- “HEMUS 2024” presents real possibilities of meeting business partners and counterparts and enhancing your business network;

- “HEMUS 2024” proposes chances to meet high level state official, representatives of European and international organizations and counterparts from EU and other countries;

- “HEMUS 2024” offers you to participate in the International Scientific Conference and thus getting informed about the latest developments and scientific achievements in the field of the National Security; 

- “HEMUS 2024” lets you to get aware of the latest products, services and innovations of the industry from the Defence Sector;

- “HEMUS 2024” allows you to conduct a defence market research; 

- “HEMUS 2024” is the event to exchange information and thoughts on ongoing and future projects regarding the National Security.