International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition „HEMUS 2020”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 30 September - 3 October 2020.

Virtual services

New virtual services for our physical exhibitors and potential remote visitors now available.

It’s a pleasure to inform all ‘Hemus 2020’ participants that now we offer new services.

COVID-19 has changed the way we have had to think about almost everything this year and physical events all over the world have been cancelled as a result.

To ensure that Hemus 2020 is the usual success we have come to expect, the organisers of the event have implemented partnerships with market leaders in online events & video conferencing. This service is free of charge and is limited to physical exhibitors at Hemus 2020 only and is designed to reach a greater online audience of buyers. Also, it provides an alternative way to visit the exhibition for those with difficulty travelling under the current circumstances.

Especially, for our physical exhibitors the Service includes:

- 30 min presentation slot (5 min set-up and 25 min live) at the "Virtual Stand - Broadcast to the World" in Pavilion 7 inside Hemus 2020 area;

- Handheld camera/audio rig for exploring/mounting on vehicles, outdoor demos, etc. to be sent anywhere at short notice;

- The presenter can choose the level of privacy - Public, invite-only, etc. 

To apply for this Service and to present online your products and services worldwide during ‘Hemus 2020’ please fill in the Application Form for Exhibitor Online Presentation here 

To visit ‘Hemus 2020’ and its accompanying events remotely as "Virtual Visitors" and also to meet online our physical exhibitors please fill in the Application Form for Online Visitor here 

For further details and guidance please contact:
Simon Feek, Operations Director, PrepYou.Eu
Tel.: +44 756 220 6673