International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition „HEMUS 2024”
Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 05 - 08 June 2024

Why to exhibit at "Hemus 2024"

- "HEMUS" demonstrated to be one of the few events in the branch worldwide resistant to crises and with a proven ability to be held in conditions of severe anti-epidemic restrictions and economic difficulties assuring not only attractive but also save place and conditions for exhibitors and visitors;

- “HEMUS 2024” ensures access to the Bulgarian, European and International Defence and Security Market and the opportunity to explore the potential for business at national, European and international level, interacting directly with Bulgarian, European and International manufacturers and traders;

- “HEMUS 2024” offers not only a static display of defence equipment but also live demonstrations of mobility and functionality and firepower at the live firings as well;

- “HEMUS 2024” gives the States, Defence Industry Associations and exhibitors an option to show their products and services in a national pavilions or national corners, in order to present the capabilities of the respective National Defence Industry;

- “HEMUS 2024” is an international business platform, providing equal opportunity to the national and foreign companies for starting new business projects;

- “HEMUS 2024” delivers a range of opportunities for:

= networking enhancement;

= meetings with decision makers and high level official from Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Economy and other Governmental Institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations;

= meetings with national, European and international procurement agencies;

= meetings with representatives of national, European and international organizations and foreign official delegations;

= direct contact with business partners and potential customers from Bulgaria and participating countries;

= conducting commercial meetings;

= direct contact with scientific organizations and institutions;

= exploring 3rd party market opportunities;

= demonstrating the full range of an exhibitor products and services’ capabilities during live demonstrations and live firings;

= attending the accompanying events – the International Scientific conference, the Live Firings and the Industrial Forum in parallel with the Exhibition it self;

- In respect with meeting the needs of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, ‘HEMUS 2024’ gives an unique opportunity for presenting the advantages of exhibitors’ products and services as an alternative option for the ongoing or forthcoming implementation of priority investment projects for modernization and the accompanying activities in accordance with the “Program for the Development of the Defence Capabilities of the Bulgarian Armed Forces till 2032”, namely:

= Acquisition of a new multi-purpose combat aircraft;

= Acquisition of multipurpose patrol vessels;

= Acquisition of combat equipment for Battalion Battle Groups;

= Acquisition of 3D radars;

= Acquisition of 155 mm howitzers;

= Acquisition of a Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) with increased mobility;

= Acquisition of Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) systems;

= Acquisition of coastal anti-ship complexes;

= Modernization of T-T2 tank;

= Mobility and protection of Special Operations Forces.

- “HEMUS 2024” offers different options for sponsorship, advertisement and press release; 

- “HEMUS 2024” is open for start-up companies’ participation on a symbolic price; 

- “HEMUS 2024” offers reasonable and cost-effective prices for rental of exhibition area and related services.