International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition
„HEMUS 2020”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
30 September - 3 October 2020

Demonstration Firings

Live Firings, by tradition accompany the Exhibition thus giving vast opportunities to demonstrate defence product’s mobility, functionality and firepower. At ‘Hemus 2020’ this possibilities will be given again to exhibitors and visitors.

The following Bulgarian and foreign companies will demonstrate the maneuverability and firepower of their products during ‘Hemus 2020’ on 2-nd October:

METALIKA AB Ltd., Bulgaria
- Modernized Infantry Fighting Vehicle BMP2M – firing 30 mm gun while manoeuvring;
- Modernized Multiple Rocket Launcher System (MRLS) BM-21 "Grad" – firing 122 mm rockets;
- Mountain portable Multiple Rocket Launcher System (MRLS) "Grad-M" firing 122 mm rockets.

- Firing 120 mm. Mortar Bomb HCMM-120;
- Firing 120 mm. Mortar Bomb with volume blast VDMM-120.

VMZ EAD, Bulgaria
- Firing Wall Penetration Grenade WB-7V;
- Firing Thermobaric Grenade TB-7M;
- Firing Hollow-Charge Fragmentation Grenade KO-7M;
- Firing 122 mm Round with HE-FRAG Grenade – reduced charge;
- Firing 152 mm Round with HE-FRAG Grenade - reduced charge;
- Firing Fragmentation Grenade OG-7LR;
- Firing Hand Thermobaric Grenade HG-32Т;
- Firing BULSPIKE-AP Portable Anti-tank Rocket Fragmentation Round with OG-22M Grenade.

ARCUS JSC, Bulgaria
- 40x53mm HE grenades for automatic grenade launcher MK-19;
- 30mm HE grenade for automatic grenade launcher AGS-17;
- 23x153mm HEIT round for anti aircraft ZU-23-2.

ARSENAL 2000 JSC, Bulgaria
- Firing 7,62х39 mm Assault Rifle AR-M5F41;
- Firing 7,62х51 mm Machine Gun MG-M2.

Microflown AVISA, The Netherlands
The company will present their Acoustic Vector Sensor System, so called AMMS (Acoustic Multi Mission Sensor) System to detect and localize small arms fire (SAF) and rockets, artillery and mortars (RAM). Sensors are deployed in the field, when shots or shells are fired the system detects these and localizes the exact impact. This will be shown in а software, at а safe distance. Communication is via 4G and/or radio.

- Products to be demonstrated will be specified soon.

- Products to be demonstrated will be specified soon.

Applications for participation in the Live Firings still come and the information posted here will be updated in due time.

The companies, participating in the Firings also have the opportunity to invite their guests.


For more info:
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“Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov” Defence Institute;
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