Subject sections

91.1. Infantry Armaments and Ammunition
91.2. Artillery Systems and Ammunition
91.3. Multiple-Lunched Rocket Systems and Ammunition
91.4. Anti-Tank Grenade Launchers and Ammunition
91.5. Guided Anti-Tank Weapons
91.6. Portable Anti-Aircraft Missile Weapons
91.7. “Surface-to-Surface” Missile Systems
91.8. Gunpowder, Explosive Substances and Pyrotechnical Substances
91.9. Radar Equipment
91.10. Tanks
91.11. Armoured Personnel Carriers and Infantry Fighting Vehicles
91.12. Military Automobile Equipment
91.13. Cryptographic equipment
91.14. Means and Systems for Land Mining and for Demining
91.15. Engineering Machines and Devices
91.16. Fortification Equipment
91.17. Camouflage Equipment
91.18. Systems and Means for Radiation and Chemical Monitoring
91.19. Means of Individual and Collective Chemical and Radiation Protection
91.20. Ignitable Substances
91.21. Automatic Command and Control Systems for the Armed Forces and for Weapons Control
91.22. Optic, Optic-Electronic and Thermovision Equipment and Systems
91.23. Combat Identification Devices (CID)
91.24. Personal Ballistic Protection Devices
91.25. Systems for guarding of the state border, including autonomous ones
91.26. Systems for control and protection of infrastructure objects of strategic importance, including autonomous ones
91.27. Innovative solutions related to the combat sustainability and the interoperability of the armament systems

92.1. Fighter Aircrafts and Combat Helicopters
92.2. Aviation Armament and Ammunition
92.3. Airborne Communication Equipment
92.4. Airborne Radar Equipment and Systems
92.5. Aircraft Engines
92.6. Electric and Special Equipment for Aircraft
92.7. Airborne Systems for Intelligence and Electronic Warfare
92.8. Remotely Piloted Vehicles
92.9. Aircraft Maintenance Equipment
92.10. Paratrooper and Landing Equipment
92.11. Systems and Means for Support of the Flight Activity

93. NAVY
93.1. Combat and Auxiliary Ships
93.2. Technical Means for Rescue Operations of the Navy
93.3. Technical Means for Measuring and Compensation of Ship Physical Fields
93.4. Armament and Weapons of the Navy
93.5. Hydro-Acoustic Equipment
93.6. Means for Navigation and Hydrographic Support of the Navy
93.7. Technical Means for Support of Submarines, Submarine-Assault and Diving Activity

94.1. Individual Equipment for Population Defense
94.2. Mechanical Security Systems
94.3. Technological Protection
94.4. Special Weaponry
94.5. Special Vehicles
94.6. Data Protection Systems
94.7. Control and Surveillance Equipment
94.8. Special Equipment, Education, Training

95.1. Non-Combatant Equipment and Technologies
95.1.1. Methods and Equipment for Storage and Handling Activities
95.1.2. Simulator and Training Equipment
95.1.3. Technologies for Repair of Military Equipment, Weaponry and Military - Engineering Equipment
95.1.4. Means and Technologies for Production and Storage of Fuels and Lubricants
95.1.5. Field Kitchens and Food Processing Equipment
95.1.6. Technologies for Production of Canned Foods
95.1.7. Military Clothing
95.1.8. Equipment and Technologies for Analyses
95.2. Communication Systems
95.2.1. Radio Stations
95.2.2. Radio-Relay Systems
95.2.3. Electronic Warfare Equipment (EW)
95.2.4. Optic-Electronic Systems
95.2.5. Video Systems
95.2.6. Code and Decode Devices
95.2.7. Personаl Means for Communication
95.2.8. Node for Remote Access
95.2.9. Systems, products and services connected with the cyber security
95.2.10. Scientific developments and innovative solutions in the area of strategic communications
95.3. Military Medical Equipment and Apparatuses
95.3.1. Stationary and Mobile Hospital Equipment
95.3.2. Diagnostic Equipment
95.3.3. Laboratory Equipment and Systems
95.3.4. Medicines and Medical Supplies
95.3.5. Medical Editions
95.3.6. Medical Vehicles
95.3.7. Field Medical and Veterinary Stations
95.3.8. Fire and emergency safety
95.4. Systems and products in the area of search and rescue and medical evacuation
95.5. Logistic systems and products offering innovative solutions compensating the consequences from the climate changes
95.6. Systems for prevention and combating with natural disasters, including autonomous ones

98.1. Associations, organizations, foundations and institutions
98.2. Fairs, exhibitions, congresses
98.5. Banks, banking and insurance
98.6. Publishing, printed and online editions
98.7. Advertising services
98.8. Commercial activity, incl. e-commerce
98.9. R & D
98.10. Training and education, educational institutions
98.14. Services
98.15. Expert reports and control, certification
98.16. Marketing and consulting
98.17. Patents, licenses, know-how


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